This Door Barricade Fits Over Most Home Doors For Extra Security

Your peace of mind and security are two things that you should never compromise. And with horrendous stories of violent crimes dominating the headlines, now’s definitely the right time to upgrade your home security if you haven’t yet. Sure, alarm systems and surveillance cameras are generally effective as deterrents. However, nothing still beats the extra layer of security that a sturdy door barricade can offer.

Founded by a law enforcement officer with over 20 years of experience, Battenshield is a company that specializes in security hardware, particularly barriers for entryways. As an agent who was often out of town on assignments, the founder recognized the need to enhance their home security to ensure his family’s safety. Given his adequate experience in door breaching, he designed barriers that can reinforce entry doors.

battenshield doorway barrier


battenshield doorway wooden security barrier

It’s a known fact that it only takes a few kicks to destroy most doors, and intruders often use this knowledge to their advantage. But with the help of these security blockades, intruders would have a much harder time breaking into your home. This buys you more time to secure your family and contact the local authorities.

battenshield doorway security barrier


battenshield doorway wooden barrier


These door barricades are ideal for reinforcing security at homes, apartments, dorm rooms, as well as offices and classrooms

front door barricade unlocked


front door barricade locked

The barriers come assembled and hang on to your door like a wreath. To secure them into place, simply slide the retainer across the bottom of the door and attach it to the barriers using the provided screws. Afterward, mount the latches to the door frame using the attached lag screws.

bedroom door barricade unlocked


bedroom door barricade locked

The barriers are compatible with conventional doors, both in-swing and out-swing types. So, you can use them to reinforce not just your exterior door but even your bedroom and bathroom doors. They come in four standard sizes—80″ x 24″, 80″ x 32″, 80″ x 36″, and 96″ x 36″. And as for the color options, you can choose between white and silver. There’s also a simpler and more affordable variant to upgrade your regular door.

battenshield simple door barricade

One satisfied customer wrote:

“We were looking for solutions to secure a room in our home. Stumbled upon this and couldn’t be happier. Simply put, no one is getting through this door now. I can’t put a price on peace of mind knowing that in the event something happens, my family is safe until help arrives. The owners are great as well. The level of customer service, the responsiveness, everything was just fantastic! I bought a Battenshield for every floor, and recommend them to everyone.”


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