Parents Made A Time Capsule On Their Daughter’s 1st Birthday And Gave It To Her On Her 18th

Can you still remember the gift that you received from your parents and relatives for your first birthday? If your answer to that question is “no,” don’t feel bad because chances are, you’re not the only one. And that’s what inspired Kim Chastain to come up with a rather unique gift for her daughter Gracie’s first birthday. Instead of buying her toys, the brilliant mom bought her a time capsule.

Kim then sought help from family and friends to fill it up with all sorts of memorabilia. These included greeting cards, handwritten letters, jewelry and even savings bonds among others. And the catch was, they all had to keep it a secret from Gracie until she turns 18. So, how did they manage to do it? Well, according to Kim, it has been in their basement’s storage room, underneath boxes of books for the last ten years.


“My kids never go in there because they think it’s creepy, so it went unnoticed all these years.”

Time Capsule as 18th Birthday Gift
Kim Chastain

Well, lucky for her. And now, the time has finally come for Kim to reveal their present to Gracie. During the big reveal, she had her camera ready to capture her daughter’s reaction. Gracie went through all her gifts with much excitement.

Gracie Chastain Opening Her Time Capsule Gift
Kim Chastain

The brilliant mom couldn’t help but share the photos of the heartfelt moment on her Facebook page. Her post immediately went viral, with a lot of people praising her for such a witty gift idea. In addition, people extended their congratulations to her for successfully pulling off a surprise that’s 17 years in the making.

Kim Chastain Facebook Post Time Capsule Gift
Kim Chastain


Kim Chastain Facebook Post Time Capsule Gift Continuation
Kim Chastain

According to Kim, she already had the gift sitting on their kitchen island on Gracie’s birthday. Eagle-eyed Gracie spotted it and asked her mom why there was a “cooler” on their island. In response, Kim wrote Gracie a card, explaining what it was and instructing her not to open it until her official birthday party.


“I figured if I waited for 17 years to be able to tell her about it, I should at least be able to make her anticipate what’s in it for one full day!”


The time has finally come for Gracie to open the time capsule which has been successfully kept from her for the past 17 years

Gracie Chastain Going Through the Content of Her Time Capsule Gift
Kim Chastain

So, the following day, Kim gathered some of their relatives and friends to witness the much-awaited unveiling of their gift. It was such a touching gathering for the whole family. Some members even found themselves in tears as Gracie read the letters from her late great grandparents.


“Gracie’s favorite things were pictures of her grandparents, jewelry, and, of course, the savings bonds and cash. She said she felt that there were so many people that cared about her that she didn’t even know.”

Gracie Chastain First Birthday Gifts


Letter from Great Grandpa Everett

Kim describes her daughter as “a skilled dancer and a beautiful singer” who’s “brilliant, fierce, and uninhibited on stage.” But in person, “she is a quiet, sweet, shy, totally laid-back kid” who loves being home. The mom also revealed that Gracie is closer to her dad as “they share the same slapstick humor.”

Chastain Family
Kim Chastain

Even at a young age, Gracie already conducts dance lessons at their family-owned studio, Brownsburg Ballroom Dance Studio. She’s also the dance captain of her show choir in her high school. Sadly, Kim shared that Gracie’s team lost during their final Show Choir Competitions. So, the unveiling of the secret gift is timely and “has been such a positive and encouraging experience.”

As for other parents who expressed their regret for not having thought of the same thing for their kids’ first birthday, here’s Kim’s advice:


“Why not make one for your 5-year-old to open when they’re 21? Or your 18-year-old to open when they’re 40? Or make one for your child/grandchild/fiancé for their wedding day? Who wouldn’t want to open a time capsule from a loved one even as a grown adult? Go for it!”


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