Family Throws 13th Birthday Party For Their Senior Dog Bailey And His Adorable Reaction Says It All

It goes without saying that dogs are important members of our families. They love us unconditionally, and make life more interesting thanks to their antics. Plus, they always give us the happiest welcome when we come home from work every day without fail. Another good point about these good boys and girls is that it takes so little to make them happy. But one family from Perth, Australia decided to go all out in celebrating the 13th birthday of their pet dog Bailey. And he couldn’t contain how excited and happy he was about it!

In dog years, this dog just celebrated his 68th birthday. Now that he’s in his golden years, his family decided to throw a full-on birthday party for him. They had cake, the traditional candle blowing moment and they serenaded him with the classic birthday song. He also received birthday kisses and presents!


Bailey just celebrated his 13th birthday

bailey in a cheery mexican outfit


happy bailey


bailey stands in a pink tiled bathroom


The D’Souza family surprised their dog with a birthday party

In the video Katie D’Souza shared on Facebook, her family can be seen singing the traditional Happy Birthday song to their bewildered yet thrilled senior dog. He is literally shaking with joy as his family gathers around him to sing him the birthday song. Throughout the video he tries to go for the cake several times but being the good, disciplined boy that he is, he waits until he’s allowed to get a bite.

Dogs may not be able to fully grasp the concept of birthdays, but they definitely know when they’re being celebrated! He received a chew toy shaped like a hot dog from his humans, which we’re pretty sure made the senior pooch very happy.

birthday boy bailey with his new chew toy


The video of his birthday party has gone viral and people are loving his reaction

can't handle Bailey


celebrated my dog's brithday for 19 years


cutest reaction of a dog ever


cutest smile ever


dogs know when they are being treated well


gave dog ice cream for his birthday


he is so happy


how lovely is that


i celebrate my dog's birthday with a toy or a dog-friendly cake


my dog loves opening presents


so precious


the smile and wag says it all


threw a surprise party for senior dog


bailey comment they are family after all


Watch the D’Souza family sing the happy birthday song


Source: Facebook