21 Different Types Of Annoying People You Encounter On Airplanes


Some people love flying, whereas others won't even step on a plane. But, if you've ever flown before you'll know the pain of getting stuck in close proximity to an annoying passenger. We've all been there, and it sucks! 'Just the Flight' decided to take a survey of 5,000 frequent fliers to find out which kinds of behaviors or offenses they find most annoying from other passengers. From this information they came up with a list of people we hate on flights. So, if you love to hate those armrest hogs or the people who insist on eating the smelliest food possible, then get your rage on as your read through this list. And, if you've ever been one of these annoying people on flights, then you'll know better for next time! Take a look!
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Just the Flight

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