New Donut Ice Cream Bars By Klondike Come In 3 Different Flavors

“Making squares cool since 1922,” Klondike is adding some donut ice cream bars to their line of frozen dairy desserts. And they’re rolling out not just one but three flavors. As with their existing products, the new dessert bars are still square in shape. But of course, this time, they all feature a hole in the middle, just like your typical donut.

Even the flavors are donut-inspired—Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate and Frosted Strawberry. Instagrammer and YouTuber Tami Dunn first spotted the Boston Cream and Triple Chocolate version at her local Kroger store. In terms of packaging, there’s not much difference compared with regular Klondike bars. Each pack still contains six individually wrapped ice cream bars in Klondike’s signature shiny wrapper.


All of the ice cream donut bars feature different dessert fillings, chocolate coatings and toppings

The Boston Cream version consists of a Boston cream-flavored frozen dairy dessert inside. It also has a nice milk chocolate coating and a white confectionary drizzle for its topping. Meanwhile, Triple Chocolate features a chocolate frozen dairy dessert bar with a dark chocolatey coating. It also includes dark crunch pieces on top and a milk chocolate drizzle.

Klondike Donut Ice Cream Bar Boston Cream Ad


Klondike Donut Ice Cream Bar Triple Chocolate and Boston Cream

Lastly, the Frosted Strawberry version consists of a strawberry frozen dairy dessert filling and a milk chocolate coating. Among the three, this variant definitely resembles a donut the most, with its colorful sprinkles and white drizzle on top.

Klondike Donut Ice Cream Bar Frosted Strawberry Ad


Klondike Donut Ice Cream Bar Frosted Strawberry Packaging

It’s true that the hole in the middle means we’re getting less ice cream with each bar. However, we don’t mind because these look delicious. All three flavors will officially hit the markets in March. Nonetheless, a few have already made their way to selected Meijer and Kroger stores. Be sure to drop by your local branch to scout for these frozen treats.


Source: Klondike