Rechargeable Foaming Soap Dispenser Uses Sensors For A ‘Touchless’ Experience

Regular hand washing is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of germs and viruses, including Covid-19. That is why soap dispensers have become an essential in every home and all public places. This touchless foaming soap dispenser is an upgraded version of the regular liquid dispenser pump bottles. The biggest advantage of these upgraded dispensers is that you can use them without actually touching them. Hence, these hands-free soap dispensers eliminate contact between users. And no touching means no spreading of bacteria and viruses.

Pathogens primarily spread through contact transmission or by touching infected people. Shared surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, handles, faucets and pump bottles have the highest potential to harbor and spread germs through contact. This touchless soap dispenser eliminates the need to touch the unit. It uses accurate infrared motion sensor detection technology that automatically dispenses soap foam when you place your hand under its spout. No need to pump or touch anything to get your hands on the soap.


Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

touchless foaming soap dispenser

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, automatic liquid soap dispensers have been in high demand. Not only are these units modern-looking but they are also very convenient. However, not all automatic soap dispensers you see on the market are the same. Most of these units are battery-operated and typically don’t come with included batteries. With this rechargeable touchless soap dispenser, you don’t have the worry of replacing batteries or getting the batteries wet. This unit is equipped with an energy-efficient internal lithium battery that can be charged through a USB cable.


Rechargeable vs Battery-Operated

rechargeable vs battery operated automatic soap dispenser


hands-free foam soap dispenser

You can charge the unit with an adapter, power bank, car charger or laptop. It takes 3 hours to fully charge and can last up to 30 days of usage. You can access the USB charging port and the canister opening on top of the unit by removing the top lid. Both the USB port and the canister are covered with waterproof and leakproof plugs. Simply remove the plugs to access the USB port to charge and the canister to refill.


waterproof and leakproof plug


How To Refill

touchless foaming soap dispenser refill

Take note that this touchless soap dispenser caters to foaming hand soap. Instead of liquid soap, it dispenses rich dense foam that saves you more than 50% soap and uses 16% less water per wash versus the liquid type. While there are plenty of specially formulated foam soaps available on the market, you can actually make your own by diluting your favorite liquid soap with water at 1:3 ratio. Then fill the canister with the dilution and let the unit create a rich lather for you.

touchless foaming soap dispenser sensor

To use, long touch the power button on the lid to turn the unit on and off. The red light indicates that the device is on first gear, this means that it will dispense just the right amount of lather. Press the button again to adjust to second gear (blue light) to dispense more foam. You can go up to third gear (purple light) by pressing the button again for more dispensing volume. Just choose your preferred dispensing volume, place your hand below the spout and let the unit give out the right amount of soap to your hands within 0.25 seconds.

long touch to turn on and off


settings for dispensing volume


touchless foaming soap dispenser fast foaming

This touchless soap dispenser is made of sturdy ABS material. It has an anti-drip spout to keep countertops mess-free. The unit comes with a convenient attachment holder that allows you to mount it on a wall. It can hold up 15.2-oz of foaming hand soap. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Touchless and rechargeable. This is what I was looking for. I had to return a couple of battery operated ones that really didn’t serve the purpose like this one is doing. This product really amazed me. Especially in this pandemic, we need one of these.”

wall mount holder included

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touchless foaming soap dispenser wall mounted

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