The Neck Hammock Supposedly Helps With Neck & Shoulder Pain

Are you suffering with chronic neck pain, tension headaches, insomnia or stress? If yes then you may benefit from the Neck Hammock. This simple cervical traction device makes it easy to alleviate all these problems right at your door. Sure, pain relief medications can lessen the pain temporarily but do not eliminate it. The aid of a physical therapist is another option. However, prepare to pay over the odds for the cost of physical therapy which can range from $75 to $125 per session.

The device offers an affordable and simple remedy for neck pain that you can use every day at home. You can save yourself from expensive therapy while still getting the same result. Simply attach this portable device to a door knob, pole or railing inside your home. Loop the strap around the knob at the other side of the door. Pull the strap end through the doorway and close the door. Attach the bungee strap and use the adjustable strap until the hammock hangs 2-4 inches off the ground. Lay the back of your head on the hammock making sure that the base is wrapped around your head. Close your eyes, relax and feel the relief.


Neck Hammock Cervical Traction Device

neck hammock

The device gently pulls the head away from the neck, stretching and decompressing the spinal cord in the process. This increases blood flow, oxygenates the muscles and alleviates the pain in the neck and shoulders. Furthermore, it helps improve posture, reduce stress and it promotes relaxation that leads to improved sleep and brain health. Using this portable device 10 minutes a day should consistently eliminate pain from joints, sprains and spasms. It also provides practical assistance in treating neck injuries, pinched nerves and cervical spondylosis.

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The hammock is made from breathable fabric filled with upgraded sponge foam to provide comfort and relief. It uses superior stitching for long-lasting durability and reliability so you can use this device for years to come. Both the strap and the bungee strap are tailor-made to wrap around any door knob, pole or railing. The device comes with instructions on how to set it up and one pair of soundproof earplugs to give you noise-free relaxation.

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You must NOT use the hammock for more than 15 minutes straight. And if you happen to experience any discomfort with the device, discontinue use immediately. Make sure to follow the instructions and use accordingly to reap the benefits. Ideal for athletes, after long work days and after long flights and trips. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Works great, just like what the pros use. I’m totally in love with this thing. I noticed a great improvement in the movement in my neck and shoulders after just one use. Highly recommend this for anyone with pain anywhere in their body as long as the injury has healed.”

portable cervical traction device


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