The Mountain Dew Dispenser Will Help Prevent Your Soda From Going Flat

Carbonated drinks tend to lose their fizz when the bottle is left open for too long or when you repeatedly pour the drink from the bottle. But of course, you can’t possibly drink an entire 2-liter bottle of soda in one sitting, can you? It’s a good thing that this Mountain Dew Dispenser exists because we can now refill our glasses as many times as we want without the soda going flat.

This ingenious gadget is designed to dispense soft drinks from the bottle while keeping the soda fresh and fizzy. There’s no need to tilt the bottle to pour the drinks into the glass. Simply remove the cap from the bottle, screw on the dispenser, shake and squeeze the handle to dispense. So, there’s also no need to reopen the bottle every now and then. And you won’t even have to worry about messy spills because you won’t be manually pouring the drink anymore.


The Mountain Dew Dispenser

mountain dew dispenser

With the dispenser on, the soda is perfectly preserved and can stay fizzy for weeks. This dispenser features a green pour handle that can fit most 2-liter bottles. So, you can use it on other soft drink bottles as well. When you’ve finished your soda, simply take the dispenser out, wash to clean and reuse it on the next bottle. It helps you serve your carbonated drinks with ease and could really come in handy during parties.

mountain dew dispenser for 2-liter bottle


Check out the gadget in action on the video below


Source: Wayfair