This ‘Cat Thief’ Only Appears If There’s Money To Be Swiped

It’s important to teach our kids about the value of saving money at an early age. And if piggy banks aren’t working anymore, you can show them the fun side of saving with this Cat Stealing Money Bank. Every parent knows that if you give your kid some cash, they’ll run out and spend it right away. Saving money is a habit that takes time to build, even adults are struggling with it.  So, how do you teach them how to earn their own money and develop saving as a habit?

For starters, giving them a piggy bank might entice them to save money by feeding their adorable pig-shaped jar. But since piggy banks are so common, they may find it too boring for them. Bring back the fun and excitement of saving by giving them this Cat Money Bank. Unlike the boring ‘still’ bank, this smart coin bank features an automatic mechanism that is sure to amuse your kids and encourage them to save more coins.


This Cat Stealing Money Bank Is The Cutest Way To Save

cat stealing money bank

This Cat Money Bank comes in the shape of a fruit cardboard box with a small tray on top shaped like a fish bone. Place a coin on the tray and press the button. This would partially open the box to reveal a peeping cat. The cute kitty figure says ‘Hello’ as it sticks its paw out of the box to collect the coin on the tray. After stealing the coin and putting it into the box, the cat says ‘Thank you’ and shuts the box closed.

automatic kitty collecting coin bank how to use


cat stealing money bank with sounds


cat stealing money bank side

The money bank is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). You can access the battery compartment, the coin outlet and the power switch at the bottom of the unit. The coin outlet has a twist latch design that you can easily open to ‘withdraw’ all the coins you have saved up. A fun and practical gift for kids, it measures 4.7 inches x 4.1 inches x 3.7 inches. One happy buyer wrote:

“So cute! When everyone else has ordinary toys and you pull this out… awesome! And anything to get the idea of saving money into small children’s heads.”

kids gift coin bank


coin outlet battery compartment

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cat stealing money bank fun saving

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