This Meditation Tracker Headband Helps You Develop A Consistent Meditation Practice

Struggling to get into a deep meditative state when you try to meditate? Turn your meditation practice into a habit and get the most out of it by using this meditation tracker headband. There are plenty of physical fitness apps that help us monitor our weight loss progress, track running times, provide nutrition plans and offer personalized workout routines. Working in conjunction with wearable devices to synchronize relevant fitness data, theses apps allow us to see how well our body responds to physical activities and exercises. But how about our mental health? Is there also a way to let us see how our brain responds to meditation?

It is for this reason that this amazing piece of technology was developed. This meditation tracker headband is a wearable device that also works in conjunction with an app. Simply wear it like a regular headband and it will keep tabs on your brain, heart, posture and breathing while you meditate. You can track and measure your progress through your phone to help you stay on track with your post session analytics. It employs electroencephalogram (EEG) readings to track and display data about your brain.


Meditation Tracker Headband

meditation tracker headband

An upgraded version of its predecessors, this latest version features added extra sensors equipped within the band. These additional sensors include an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a pulse oximeter that tracks the pulse in your forehead. By giving you real-time feedback on your brain and body, it helps you recognize the current state of your mind in order to help you stay in focus. It provides 4 meditation experiences that you can view and access via the app. These include mind, heart, body (posture) and breath.

meditation tracker headband wearable


wearable brain sensing device


Meditation Experiences Include Mind, Heart, Body and Breath

muse app meditation experiences

But this meditation headband offers more than just monitoring brain signals, heart rate, pulse rate, body posture and respiratory rate. Moreover, it features immersive soundscapes that correspond to your current mind and body signals. Select a meditation in the app and listen to the guiding soundscapes through your earphones. The device will let you know when your mind wanders through real-time audio cues and music. While it enables you to view your current data through your phone, allowing you to listen to real-time data instead will help you get into meditation faster. Well, considering the fact that you’ll be closing your eyes as you meditate.

meditation tracker headband deep relaxation


muse 2 brain sensing device


meditation tracker headband soundscapes

In mind meditation, for instance, you’ll hear thunderstorms when your brain is too busy thinking. This audio cue helps you understand your current state of mind and prompts you to eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts. Then listen as the sound of thunderstorms calms down into gentle rain and into peaceful weather. When you hear birds chirping, it indicates that you’re in a deep state of relaxation and have a tranquil mind.


This Meditation Headband Uses Immersive Soundscapes To Help You Focus

meditation tracker headband guiding soundscapes


wearable brain sensing device band


muse 2 portable

If you choose heart meditation, you’ll hear a series of drumbeats corresponding to your heartbeat played back to you in real time. By synchronizing with your heartbeat, you’ll be able to find calm and stillness to help you achieve deep relaxation. In body meditation, you’ll be guided with the gentle sound of wind chimes that prompts you to adjust your current posture into a balanced position. Lastly, the breath meditation synchronizes your breath with corresponding musical tones. Stable breathing is rewarded by harmonious music while irregular breathing is indicated by discordant tones.



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Charge The Device Then Download The App And You’re Good To Go

Make sure that the meditation tracker headband is fully charged before use. After syncing it to the free app installed on your phone (iOS or Android), wear the band on your forehead and select your preferred meditation. Connect your headphones or earbuds to your phone and listen to the guiding soundscapes as you close your eyes and drift into tranquillity. After your meditation session, you can review your data to see how your mind and body responded to the meditation. Monitor your progress with its post-session reporting and keep a consistent practice by setting your goals and achieving milestones.


“After trying each of the new experiences (body, breath, and heart), I have quickly come to love the breathing exercise and the heart exercise. I find the breathing feedback extremely relaxing, and the soundscape with guided feedback is extremely helpful. It’s almost like feeling your heartbeat and breathing as an instrument/drum. This [device] teaches you how to understand the relationship between breath rate and heart rate and how to slow down. Very calming.”, one happy customer wrote.



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