Runny Nose Soap Dispenser

You may think you’ve done the silliest things imaginable but we’re pretty sure you haven’t tried showering with snot before. Well, guess what? We’ve found this runny nose soap dispenser that is sure to amuse and perhaps even gross out a few people when they use your bathroom. And if you find it oddly satisfying to squeeze your nose to get those icky mucus out then this whimsical bathroom utensil is sure to make your shower time more exciting.

Hilariously shaped like a giant nose, this unique shower gel dispenser is guaranteed to transform any boring bathroom into a tiny world of laughter. When you press the oversized nose, the shower gel oozes from the nostril opening. So, it appears like an enormous runny nose with dripping snot coming out from one of its nostrils. It will make you laugh every time you press the dispenser.


Runny Nose Soap Dispenser

runny nose soap dispenser

The runny nose soap dispenser is made of high quality silicone in beige color to resemble skin tone for a more realistic look. At the back of this weird-looking bathroom accessory are 3 powerful suction cups to let you easily stick it to the wall of your bathroom. These allows you to mount it easily to any flat surface or move it to a different surface anytime you like. In addition to the suction cups, you can also use its mounting hole at the back for permanent placement. Drill a nail or screw into the wall and hang the dispenser using the mounting hole.

silicone shower gel dispenser funny shape


nose-shaped shower gel dispenser suction cups


runny nose soap dispenser silicone

Refill the dispenser with shower gel, shampoo, or liquid soap by unscrewing the cap at the back. And when it’s time to clean yourself, just squeeze out the goopy liquid from the nostril opening. But why would you need to soap dispenser that looks like a runny nose? Because, why not? Unless you’re okay with the normal, plain-looking, boring soap dispensers then we don’t see any reason you should go for it. But if you’re looking for something more fun (and sillier) alternative then you shouldn’t hesitate to get one.


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