You Can Get A Temperature LED Faucet That Shows You If The Water is Hot, Warm Or Cold

The faucet is one of the most striking elements in a bathroom and it is also the most frequently used device in the house. This is why it’s crucial to get one that perfectly complements your bathroom. We’ve found this temperature LED faucet that doesn’t only look beautiful on your bathroom sink but it is also well functioning.

There are several designs for bathroom sink faucets to choose from. You can surely remember the badass-looking dragon faucets featuring the mythical creature breathing water instead of fire. But if dragon-theme is not to your taste then this LED faucet might be right up your alley. This elegant faucet flaunts a wide waterfall glass spout that delivers a nice steady laminar stream into the sink. But the best part of it is its color-changing effect that indicates the temperature of the water.


Temperature LED Faucet

temperature led faucet glass spout

This LED faucet displays a blue color to indicate cold water, green for lukewarm water, red for hot water and it flashes red for extremely hot water. So, the color-changing LED isn’t only for aesthetic effect but it also helps you avoid scalding. The LED light is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included in the purchase. Furthermore, it is designed to control water usage while saving power. It is has an internal 35mm ceramic disc cartridge to prevent water from dripping. The faucet body is made of premium solid brass with chrome or black plating which is resistant to corrosion and tarnish.


This Bathroom Sink Faucet Changes Color To Indicate Water Temperature

temperature led faucet color-changing effect


This Faucet Is Available In Black and Chrome Plating

color-changing faucet black


color-changing faucet chrome open waterfall

The faucet is easy to install. It comes complete with mounting hardware, water supply hoses and instructions for quick and easy installation. It measures 6.3 inches tall with a spout height of 2.5 inches and spout reach of 5.5 inches. The glass spout itself measures 3.6 inches wide. Take note that it doesn’t include a sink drain assembly and a deck plate so you’ll have to buy a deck plate separately for one-hole or three-hole sinks.

color-changing faucet ceramic cartridge


color-changing faucet brass


temperature led faucet details

This stylish bathroom sink faucet is available in three color options: black, chrome 1 and chrome 2. The black version has a black glass spout with open waterfall design and chrome-plated handle. Both the chrome versions have transparent glass spouts with a chrome-plated body and handles. Their only difference is that chrome 1 has a top layer of glass covering the waterfall while chrome 2 features an open waterfall design. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I love this product, it truly is an absolute beautiful, gorgeous, elegant and very well made faucet. The lights function perfectly, and I love the fact that the kids can tell the temperature to avoid burning themselves if the water is too hot.”

temperature led faucet chrome


color-changing faucet black open waterfall


color-changing faucet chrome 1


temperature led faucet black


temperature led faucet chrome open waterfall

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Check out the color-changing bathroom sink faucet in action on the video below

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