Up Your Chip And Salsa Game With Grillo’s Pickle De Gallo

You can never go wrong with pairing chips with salsa. But have you ever found yourself getting a bit bored with the traditional tomato recipe? Some may find this statement shocking because they consider salsa as an integral part of their snacking set-up, but let’s get real. A little variety never hurt anybody! So if you happen to relish the sourness of pickles, you’ll love Grillo’s Pickle de Gallo!

There’s no denying that Grillo’s serves the best pickles on the market today. In fact, their products are considered the world’s best pickles! And now we can enjoy the 100-year-old pickle recipe of Travis Grillo’s grandmother in salsa form. Clearly, our snacking experience is about to get a lot zestier with the Grillo’s pickle salsa. But the difference of the salsa’s main ingredient isn’t even the best part!





Up your chip and salsa game with Grillo’s Pickle de Gallo

The Pickle de Gallo is made with real ingredients, as per tradition. It combines cucumber brine (that’s made by putting together water, distilled vinegar and salt), yellow onion, red bell pepper and garlic. That’s right – the Pickle de Gallo is made up of only five nutritious ingredients. This makes the offering a rather good low-calorie snack option, as every two tablespoons only add up to five (yes, 5!) calories. Those who’ve resolved to eat healthier to lose weight this year will definitely love Grillo’s pickle salsa!



In addition to having very little calories, the Pickle de Gallo also comes in a range of flavors to suit your taste. So whether you like your dip mild or prefer some medium heat or love snacking on chips with spicy hot dip, there’s a Pickle de Gallo for you to choose from. Apparently the dip has already been on shelves since May 2020, so if you haven’t already grabbed a tub of this, what are you waiting for? The offering has been sighted on the shelves of Target, Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Harris Teeter and Giant! You can also use Grillo’s store locator to find which store near you carries this dill-icious dip!