Now You Can Soak In A Bath Of Noodles

Transform your bathtub into a bowl of ramen with the Bath Noodles. Remember the sushi soap set that lets you bring the traditional Japanese dish to your bathtub? Now how about adding some noodle-shaped bits of soap into the mix? Yes, you heard that right. You can spice up your bathtime even more with another food-inspired soap that is guaranteed to kick up your appetite for a bath.

These unique bath soaps come in the form of curly noodle strands. Just take a pinch of bath noodles and rub them into your wet skin to create a silky smooth lather. No seasoning packet included, you can also simply drop the noodles in your warm bath and imagine yourself soaking in steamy ramen. And if you think you’ll end up smelling like chicken, or beef, or shrimp, then we’re sorry to burst your bubbles. We know we’ve introduced plenty of crazy-smelling soaps before such as the gunpowder-scented bar and the bacon soap. But we can assure you that this one doesn’t fall into that category.


Bath Noodles

bath noodles

The Bath Noodles, despite its whimsical appearance, provides a luxurious bath with 3 refreshing scents to choose from. The Tangy Thai with pink label features lemongrass and hemp, the Singapore Spice with yellow label smells of tea tree and turmeric, and the Vietnamese Fresh with blue label has peppermint and poppy scent. So, you can choose your preferred aromatic blend and soak in total relaxation.


Tangy Thai

ramen soap tangy thai


Singapore Spice

bath noodles singapore spice


Vietnamese Fresh

ramen soap tangy vietnamese fresh

To complete the ramen look, each variant comes packed in a classic takeaway container which is 100% compostable. The Bath Noodles contain natural exfoliant to clean and smooth your skin and natural oils to moisturize skin. The soap is all-natural, plastic-free, and vegan-friendly. It can also be used in the shower. Each compostable box contains around 95grams of noodle-shaped soaps. In addition to the sushi soaps, you now have more variations of appetizing bath soaps that are far from boring.

bath noodles ramen soap


ramen soap takeaway containers

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