This Treat Tossing Dog Camera Let’s You Watch Your Pup And Launch A Treat Into The Air

Leave your beloved pooch at home with peace of mind by setting up this treat tossing dog camera. We just can’t take our dogs everywhere with us, that’s a sad fact. Thankfully, home security cams have allowed us to watch our canine pets while we’re away from home. While these cameras enable us to keep a close eye on what our dogs are up to while home alone, they don’t actually provide a way to let us interact with our doggos. They just let us watch our dogs through our phones, nothing more and nothing less.

Separation anxiety is one of the main issues that pet owners have to deal with. So, it would be great if security cams could do more than just take real time footage of what our dogs are doing at home. If only there was an electronic display that also allows us to hear and talk to our lonely pets. It is for this reason that pet cams were developed. Unlike run-of-the-mill security cams, these special cams are specifically designed to let owners monitor and interact with their pets while they are separated. But here’s the best part – some pet cams are also designed to store treats and are equipped with a flinging system that dispenses treats with just a push of a button on your phone.


Treat Tossing Dog Camera

treat tossing dog camera

This dog camera features a 1080p full HD camera with night vision so you can check on your canine buddy day and night. It has a 160 degree wide angle view to capture your pet’s every move. This smart pet cam also offers 2-way audio through its built-in microphone and speaker. So, you can opt to hear the sound they’re making and talk to them. It also has a barking sensor that prompts the device to send you alerts when it detects barking. More importantly, this pet cam has a treat tosser feature that allows you to give them a little love while you’re away.

furbo pet cam features


treat tossing dog camera app


furbo pet cam app night vision


real time barking alerts


The Camera Is Easy To Use

To use, plug the treat tossing dog camera into a power outlet using its USB cable and power adaptor (both included). Download the Furbo app on your phone or tablet and sync it with the pet cam via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Open the app on your phone to see how your dog is doing at home. Press the 2-Way Talk button to enable the audio and press the Treat Toss button to give your pet some treats. It can hold up to 100 dog treats and works best with round shaped treats. You also receive real-time barking alerts on your phone to let you know when your pooch needs you.

treat tossing dog camera barking alert


furbo pet cam


treat tossing dog camera pet cam


treat tossing dog camera alexa app

What’s more, this treat tossing camera is compatible with a screen Alexa device. So you can add voice control to set the pet cam to toss a treat every hour via Alexa. In addition to the charger, the pet cam also includes a quick start guide and a 90-day free subscription trial. With a subscription, you get to receive additional real-time alerts such as dog activity alert when it detects constant pacing or movement, person alert when it detects a person and dog selfie alert that automatically takes photos when your doggo is facing the camera. Subscription also includes cloud recording videos and doggie diary.

treat tossing dog camera alexa compatible


furbo pet cam app phone footages


“Our home caught on fire with our pup Mooser inside. [This dog cam] kept alerting us that our dog was barking. Without being notified, I can’t say that Mooser would be alive today.”, one happy buyer wrote.

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furbo pet cam real time footage


furbo pet cam treats tosser


furbo pet cam for dogs

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