Emergency ID Bracelet Holds Your Vital Health Information Wherever You Go

Emergency situations can happen any time and often occur when we least expect them. So, it’s always wise to be pready at all times. Thankfully, there’s this emergency ID bracelet that helps us prepare for a disaster ahead of time. This wearable USB band offers the same advantages of an engraved medical ID band. But more importantly, this handy piece of technology contains digital pages of your critical medical information stored in an integrated USB.

In case of an emergency, police, EMTs, fire fighters, and other first responders will look for emergency ID bands before anything else. These identification bands provide them with relevant information about any medical conditions you may have in case you fall unconscious or become incapacitated. In other words, it is designed to inform emergency health workers about your vital health conditions in the event you’re unable to speak. These relevant information can significantly help medical professionals alter the treatment that you might normally receive.


Emergency ID Bracelet

emergency id bracelet

Apparently, the tiny steel band could only contain a small amount of pertinent info, which should still be fine if you only have one or two medical issues. But for people with several health conditions, it’s impossible to list them all down on the band. This emergency ID bracelet solves that problem by integrating a USB storage that contains key health information to help medical professionals give you the best treatment possible.

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usb medical bands

In addition to the written information that you can engrave at the back of the stainless steel clasp, this emergency ID bracelet also has a built-in storage that allows you to save 3 digital pages disclosing your personal medical information. To input details, simply plug the USB into your computer and fill out the pre-loaded emergency forms. You can update your personal info along with your medical history, emergency contacts, and insurance information as often as necessary. All without any software, subscriptions, or even internet connection required. A medical cross on front of the clasp to alert emergency responders that it contains medical information, both in physical and digital formats.


With Integrated USB To Let You Store And Access Your Personal Medical Information

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emergency id bracelet usb

Emergency health workers can easily access the information stored in your emergency ID bracelet by plugging it into a computer (works on both PC and Mac). They can instantly view your info without the need for passwords or internet connection. The saltwater-safe USB is securely locked inside the stainless steel clasp with click-secure closure. Simply press the dual release buttons to unlock the USB. The band is made of sturdy silicone and comes in 4 colors including black, pink, white, and slate gray. One satisfied buyer wrote:


“For those of us who have extensive medical information and who find themselves traveling about alone a lot, this item could save their life. It stores all personal information, medication lists, medical problem lists, emergency contact lists, and even a living will. It takes care of the person who wears it and makes the job of the medical personnel dealing with an emergency situation more efficient and accurate.”

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