Woman Reacts To Companies Collapsing Because Of The Pandemic By Saying The Same Things Everyday People Hear

Twitter user @KeziyahL has recently gone viral for her unexpected remarks on a multinational company experiencing difficulties due to the current crisis. In a series of tweets, she expressed some “suggestions” as to how the company can overcome its struggles. Of course, all of which were simply uncalled for. Nonetheless, it was clear that @KeziyahL did so to point out the society’s double standard on life’s struggles.

Sad to say, people living below the poverty line have to endure these uncalled-for remarks every single day. While there are many factors that contribute to poverty, privileged people often turn a blind eye to the real issue at hand. Instead, they just go on saying that marginalized people are not working hard enough, or worse, are simply lazy. Rather than lending a hand or boosting their morale, people on top just choose to criticize those below them.

But of course, you wouldn’t do that to one of the world’s largest firms, right? Well, someone just did, and apparently, it was rather ridiculous. Scroll down to see the controversial thread for yourself.


Twitter user @KeziyahL delivered the ultimate clap back to people who always criticize poor people and offer unsolicited advice



In a series of tweets, the user responded to an issue about a company struggling due to the pandemic by offering the same “suggestions” that poor people receive



According to the US Census Bureau, 38.1 million people or 11.8% of its total population lived in poverty in 2018. Meanwhile, 17.3 million people or 5.3% of the population lived in deep poverty. This means that the household income of each family in this category fell below 50% of the poverty threshold. In addition, there are those who live close to poverty as well. Comprising 29.9% of the population are those who get by with incomes less than two times the poverty threshold.

Indeed, poverty remains to be a major problem not just in the US but in other countries too. So, as we fight against the crisis, may we not forget that there are always those who have it harder than us. May we always remember to check our privileges before we go about criticizing other people.


The controversial thread of tweets have garnered some remarkable responses











Source: Twitter | KeziyahL