This Power Bank Wraps Around Your Wrist And Keeps Your Phone Charged While You’re Using It

Phones, just like other electronic devices, can only go as far as the electricity supply will take them. If you’re tired of running out of battery when you need it the most, this innovative wrist power bank is the solution! This power bank will provide you with a convenient way to charge your phone wherever you are. This is a battery charger that you can wear on your wrist like a watch, how amazing is that?!

On average, we spend around 4 hours a day on our phones. Despite their enormous battery life, they don’t last long enough due to hours of every day use. It can become really frustrating if your phone suddenly dies on you in the middle of the day. Now, a dead phone battery can be a thing of the past.

omax wrist power bank battery charger

Everything You Need to Know about the Power Bank

This convenient wrist power bank has a capacity of 1500mAh. Simply wear it around your wrist and carry it anywhere you go. It has a magnetic wrist strap so you can adjust it to your wrist size. Despite its small size, this portable battery charger is packed with powerful charging capability and amazing features. It has a built-in high quality rechargeable Li-ion battery that you can recharge over 500 times throughout its life span. It can charge a wide range of phone models – iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, and more. Just connect your phone to the power bank by using the cable included.

wrist power bank battery charger convenient


wrist power bank battery charger portable


wrist power bank battery charger cables

wrist power bank wearable battery charger


wrist power bank magnetic straps


wrist power bank battery charger carry anywhere


wrist power bank phone battery charger

Double-click the button to start charging. The wrist band has 5 LED lights to indicate the charging percentage. Aside from phones, this power bank also works with digital cameras, mp3/mp4 players, and GPS devices. Plus, its water resistant so you can use it in any weather condition. So, get this portable wrist power bank here and extend the life of your phone battery anytime, anywhere.

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