20+ Interesting Movie Details You Probably Didn’t Notice First Time Round

Viewers tend to focus solely on the storyline of a film. Most of the time, you don’t even notice some movie details that are subtly shown on screen. But eagle-eyed viewers won’t let even the most inconspicuous Easter eggs go unnoticed. Indeed, most movies are rich in hidden messages and creative references based from other pieces of pop culture.

So, these details aren’t very obvious and one has to have keen attention to detail to notice them. Many directors love to include Easter eggs and subliminal messages in their films as it adds a bit of excitement to the viewing experience. The term itself is a reference to an Easter egg hunt which has been used to mean an image, message or feature hidden in particular scenes. It could be a little joke or reference that no viewers see coming.


If You Like Looking Behind-the-Scenes Then You will Love Details Like This One

“After Steven Spielberg Screened Schindler’s List (1993) For John Williams To Compose The Score, Williams Was So Moved He Had To Walk Outside For Several Minutes. Upon Returning Williams Said That The Movie Needed A Better Composer Than Him To Which Spielberg Replied ‘I Know, But They’re All Dead'”

surprising movie details schindlers list score composer

Apparently, hidden details and Easter eggs attached to films encourage viewers to go back and rewatch them. Even the most notable films contain plenty of secret messages and references that you can uncover if you look closer. But let’s face it. Not all of us have sharp eyes. Many of us probably haven’t realized that the ice crown of the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia (2005) melts when she starts losing her power. And most Star Wars fans are probably unaware that R2-D2 has made surprise appearances in Raiders of the Lost Ark and even Star Trek.


And This One Shows How Small Details Can Cause Unexpected Changes

“In ‘A Grand Day Out’ (1989), The Creators Had Wallace Say ‘Wensleydale’ Because It Made His Face Look Nice And Toothy. They Did Not Realize The Factory Where Wensleydale Cheese Is Made Was About To Declare Bankruptcy. This Film’s Success Brought The Factory Back From The Brink”

surprising movie details wallace says wensleydale


“In ‘Hercules’ (1997) Hades Says “Guys, Relax. It’s Only Half-Time” Exactly At The 46-Minute Mark, The Halfway Point Of The 92-Minute Movie”

surprising movie details hercules hades half time


“In Big Hero 6 (2014), This Happens”

surprising movie details big hero 6 honey lemon purse

However, there’s no need to feel down if you’re not as sharp-eyed as other viewers. As we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting movie details that mostly likely have escaped your eyes. And we’ve also included some surprising behind-the-screen trivia that will blow your minds.


So, Lets Take A Look At Some Details In Films That You May Have Missed


“In Die Hard (1988), Alan Rickman’s Petrified Expression While Falling Was Completely Genuine. The Stunt Team Instructed Him That They Would Drop Him On The Count Of 3 But Instead Dropped Him At 1”

film trivia die hard alan rickman petrified expression


“In Thor: The Dark World (2013), Natalie Portman Couldn’t Make It To Reshoot The Final Kiss Scene. When Asked To Choose From A Lineup Of Women To Take Her Place. Chris Hemsworth Instead Brought In His Wife , Who Wore Natalie’s Clothes And Wig To Shoot The Final Kiss”

film trivia thor kissing scene


“Titanic (1997) The Couple Shown In Bed Together Having Accepted Their Fate Is Isador And Ida Straus. They Were The Co Owners Of Macy’s. Ida Refused To Leave His Side When He Refused A Life Boat Spot B/C There Were Still Women And Children On Board. They Were Last Seen Walking Arm And Arm Together”

film trivia titanic hugging couple prepared to drown


“In Up (2009), Dug Is The Only Dog To Successfully Track Down The Tropical Bird Because He Is The Only Hunting Dog (Golden Retriever). All The Others Are Guard Dog Breeds”

film trivia disney up dug hunter dog


“Brad Bird Was In Part Inspired To Make This Movie (The Iron Giant 1999) As A Memorial To His Sister Susan, Who Died At The Hands Of Her Husband By Gun Violence. His Pitch Was This: ‘What If A Gun Had A Soul And Didn’t Want To Be A Gun?'”

film trivia the iron giant inspiration


“This Design Of The Back Of This Ambulance In Joker (2019) Looks Familiar”

surprising movie details the joker ambulance


This Detail Shows When You Feel Like You Have Seen Parts Of Movies Before, Maybe You Have

“Kid Notices Something That Most Of Us Wouldn’t Have: Up(2009), Cars 2 (2011)”

disney up and cars 2 use same background


“Steven Spielberg Filmed E.t. In Chronological Order In Order To Help The Child Actors And To Capture The Most Real Emotions During The Ending, Since It Would Be The Last Time They’d All Be Together”

film trivia steven spielberg et chronological order


“Incredibles (2004) Elastagirl’s Original Suit Was Red And Mr. Incredible’s Suit Was Blue, Their First Child’s Name? Violet”

film trivia the incredibles violet


“In The Beginning Of Joker (2019) There’s A Familiar Face In The Mirror”

surprising movie details the joker batman mirror


“Every Clock In The Joker Is Set To 11:11. One Of The Theories From Fans Says That The Clock Doesn’t Move Because Everything Is Happening In Arthur’s Head”

joker clocks
DC / Warner Bros


Some Of The Details Show How Movies Create Illusions To

“In Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), All The Wide Shots Of Luke Flying Across Tatooine In His Speeder Were Achieved By Placing A Mirror Underneath A Version Of The Prop With A Motor And Wheels”

film trivia star wars floating speeder


“In Finding Nemo (2003), Gill Is A Moorish Idol. This Species Is Known To Not Handle Captivity Well, So Him Being The One Who Constantly Comes Up With Escape Plans Makes Sense”

film trivia finding nemo gill moorish idol


“In Ant-Man (2015) Actor Garrett Morris Makes A Brief Appearance In A Scene. Morris Was The First Person To Ever Portray Ant-Man In A 1979 Saturday Night Live Skit Called Superhero Party”

surprising movie details first ant man cameo


And, Details Like This Are So Clever!

“In Coraline, The ‘Welcome Home’ Cake Features A Double Loop On The O. According To Graphology, A Double Loop On A Lower Case O Means That The Person Who Wrote It Is Lying. There Is Only One Double Loop, Meaning She Is Welcome But She Is Not Home”

surprising movie details coraline double loop


“Disney’s ‘Lilo & Stitch’ (2002) Used Watercolor Backgrounds, Exclusively. The Studio Had Some Financial Failures And Was Doing Ambitious Things Elsewhere, So They Left The Filmmakers To Their Own Devices, Off At The Florida Studio. The Only Other Watercolor Films Are Dumbo And Snow White”

film trivia lilo and stitch watercolor background


“In Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Professor Lupin Sleeps Through Most Of The Train Ride To Hogwarts. The Date Is The 1st Of September, 1993. There Really Was A Full Moon The Previous Night; He Was Exhausted Because He’d Transformed The Night Before”

film trivia harry potter professor lupin exhausted


“In The Incredibles 2, The Painting In Helen’s Hotel Room Is An Illustration Of Her Separation From The Family”

surprising movie details the incredibles symbolic painting


“In Man Of Steel (2013), Henry Cavill (Superman) Was Asked To Shave His Chest For The Collapsing Oil Rig Scene, However He Refused Saying That Superman Had Chest Hair, Citing The Famous ‘Death Of Superman’ Graphic Novel As A Reference”

film trivia superman chest hair


Some Hidden Details Are So Sneaky, This One Even Hides A Negative Review!

“The Poster For The Movie Legend (2015) Mocked One Of Its Negative Reviews By Hiding The Two Star Review Between The Kray Twins’ Heads”

surprising movie details legend poster mocked negative review


“In The Truman Show, We See Truman Taking High Dose Vitamin D At Breakfast Time. This Is To Counteract The Deficiency He Would Have Because There Is No Real Sunlight In The Constructed World He Inhabits”

surprising movie details truman show vitamin d supplement


“In Lord Of The Rings You Can See That Gandalf Carries His Pipe In His Staff”

lord of the rings gandalf staff hidden pipe


“In Inside Out, The Pizza Toppings Were Changed From Broccolis To Bell Peppers In Japan, Since Kids In Japan Don’t Like Bell Peppers. Pixar Localized The Joke”

surprising movie details inside out pizza toppings changed


“In Tangled(2010) Mother Gothel Says ‘I Love You The Most’ , While Kissing Rapunzel’s Hair Instead Of Her Forehead”

disney mother gothel loves rapunzel hair


“In Avatar (2009), The Evil Imperialists’ Room Is Shaped Like An American Flag”

surprising movie details avatar usa flag


“In ‘The Return Of The King (2003)’, During The Epic Scene Of The Rohirrim Charge Peter Jackson Requested That Only Extras Who Have Read The Novel And Could Recite The Scene, To Be Placed In The Front Lines As They Are Aware Of The Importance Of This Moment. It’s How He Ended Up With This Epic Rider”

the return of the king front lines


And, Some Details Like This One Are So Unique

“In Interstellar On The Water Planet, The Soundtrack In The Background Has A Prominent Ticking Noise. These Ticks Happen Every 1.25 Seconds. Each Tick You Hear Is A Whole Day Passing On Earth”

interstellar prominent ticking noise


“In LotR The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001), After Boromir’s Death Aragorn Puts On His Bracers As A Way To Honor Him. He’ll Wear Them For The Rest Of The Trilogy”

lord of the rings aragorn wears boromir bracers


“Mulan (1998) Only Has Musical Numbers For The First Half, Until The Characters Find The Destroyed Village. From There On Songs Were Avoided Because The Tone Was Meant To Be Darker”

film trivia mulan darker tone second half


“In The Opening Scene Of Wall-E (2008) There Are Wind Turbines And Nuclear Plants Built On Top Of Trash Mounds To Imply That Mankind Didn’t Convert To Clean Energy Until It Was Too Late”

surprising movie details wall-e nuclear plants


“Giant Ring Used For Close-UPS In ‘Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring’ (2001)”

lord of the rings giant ring for close up


“In Avengers: Endgame When Captain America Is Going Off To Return The Stones, The Rest Are Expecting Him To Return. Bucky Says His Goodbye Knowing Steve Is Not Returning To His Timeline, A Testament To Their Friendship!”

avengers endgame bucky says farewell to captain america


Some Details Back Up The Plot Of A Story To

“In Home Alone (1990) When They Counted The People For The Trip They Say There’s 17 People In Total. An Odd Number Between Two Vans Means They Will Be Split 8/9. Since Kevin Was Missing Both Vans Had 8 People Instead, Making Each Group Assume They Were On The 8-People Van, Not Suspecting A Thing”

film trivia home alone miscount


“In Dark Phoenix (2019), in the scene where Professor X is talking to Magneto he is wearing a Rolex Milgauss watch, which is designed to be resistant to magnetic interference.”

dark phoenix professor x wearing magnetic resistant watch


“In Monsters Inc [2001], you can see that the paint on the side as well as the centre of the Scare Floor bell has worn off from being hit by the hammer so many times.”

movie details monsters inc scare floor paint worn off