Artist Bridget McCarty Creates Miniature Versions Of Famous Television Sets

There’s something about dollhouses and other teeny-tiny things that are so fascinating. Whether it’s their cuteness or people just having obsession with diminutive collectibles, the appeal of minuscule objects is simply irresistible. Los Angeles-based artist Bridget McCarty recreates some of the most iconic scenes from popular movies and television shows in her series of miniature TV sets. She creates downsized replica of recognizable shooting locations from famous films and television shows including Friends, Harry Potter, Seinfeld, Jurassic Park, The Big Bang Theory, The Mandalorian, and more.

McCarty’s miniature TV sets present lots of intricate details and highly appealing visuals within a very limited space. Each perfectly crafted scene is a seamless copy of the actual shooting location as McCarty makes sure to include all minuscule details. Monica’s apartment (Friends), for instance, has the emblematic purple door complete with the gold frame around the peephole. Jerry’s refrigerator (Seinfeld) also has the familiar stickers from the actual set including Superman and the red car.


Miniature TV Sets With Incredible Details

These miniature TV sets looked exactly like the real thing that anyone would think they’re photographs. McCarty shares videos of her downscaled creations on Instagram to show people how her mini-worlds were done. In most of the photos, you can see her fingers included in the set to scale. She also goes a little creative in recreating tiny details such as using pepper seeds to replicate potato chips in a bowl. Furthermore, she also fits tiny electrical wiring to light up the rooms with a switch.

“I’ve been a miniature artist since I was 22 and it has been my full-time job since then,” McCarty says. “I have always wanted to be transported away to a magical world and this was my way of creating that.”




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You can check out all of her astounding miniature TV sets on Instagram to explore your favorite film and TV sets in their well-crafted miniature versions.

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