These Stained Glass Star Wars Lamps Are A Colorful Way To Feel The Force

When ancient art meets modern sci-fi, the result can be mind-blowing. So, prepare to be wowed by these amazing stained glass Star Wars lamps. Keth Pride, the artisan behind the Instagram account woodland_porpoise_workshop, is beating all odds by merging two entirely different genres into one form.

As a woodworker, he crafts realistic wood sculptures based on the Star Wars universe. There’s R2D2, Millennium Falcon, Imperial Shuttle, AT-AT walker and AT-ST walker to name a few. But his Star Wars-inspired creations aren’t just simple wood sculptures, they’re functional lamps as well. And here’s the great part. Pride adorns colorful glass accents on the lamp to create stained glass Star Wars designs.


Pride Combines Art With Pop Culture With Amazing Results

Charming glass panes in swirling green tones make up the wings of an Imperial Shuttle. While, mesmerizing glasswork in orange and red gives the body of an AT-AT walker a fiery effect. Indeed, Pride’s brilliant combination of ancient craft and pop culture creates a flawless visual harmony where two different worlds perfectly come together.

“I love incorporating form with function,” Pride said. “This, when coupled with my love of science fiction and fantasy, is largely what has inspired my wood art lamp pieces.”

Pride’s Star Wars lamps have caught the eye of people on social media. So, he has been frequently asked if he’s putting up his awesome creations for sale. Unfortunately, he’s not selling any of his lamp pieces as the talented craftsman claims that he’s doing it for the love of the craft.


Watch the stained glass Star Wars lamps in action on the video below

Source: woodland_porpoise_workshop