Artist Photoshop’s 11 Behind-The-Scenes Pics Of Famous Scenes From Disney Movies

Today, almost all Hollywood movies are using visual effects to help movie makers create more engaging scenes. So, there’s actually no magic involved in the making of movies with fantastical epic scenes. Most films often include behind-the-scenes documentaries as a bonus on DVDs. This is to offer more insight into the movie, how it was made, and to acknowledge the crew who worked hard behind the camera. While it’s interesting to discover how the jaw-dropping scenes were actually made, the same can’t be said for animated films.

Unlike live action movies, animated films don’t involve real actors who actually perform the stunts. In animation, drawn figures are manipulated digitally to appear as moving images. So, if we’re going to look at how an animation film is made, we’re likely to see hundreds of animators working in a studio. Hence, behind-the-scenes of animated films are not as exciting as their live action counterpart. However, one Disney fanatic won’t just accept this ‘harsh’ reality. Instead, he took it upon himself to reimagine how the most iconic Disney film’s scenes were made, in his own way.


This Man Uses Photoshop To Reveal Behind-The-Scenes Of Disney Films

Genie, Cinderella, Ariel, Alice, Aladdin, and other Disney characters posing against a green screen with all the props around them. Digital content creator Andhika Muksin deems these animated characters as ‘real’ actors and exposes what they did behind-the-scenes with the use of Photoshop. It’s like he’s giving everyone a tour in the backstage of Disney films. Furthermore, the hilarious addition of men wearing green screen suits makes the result even more convincing.

“As a Disney fan since childhood, I’ve never stopped loving them even after I went into adulthood.” Andhika said. “But as I grow older, I start to see these childhood icons in a new light; we see things differently than when we were children. So this is basically how I come up with my ideas, bringing these childhood icons into a more of an ‘adult’ perspective, in a comedic way.”

Well, who cares about reality when you can have these Disney characters looking as real as they can get. As adults, these Photoshopped behind-the-scenes are really entertaining. Although we don’t recommend showing these to your kids as these are likely to change how they look at Disney movies, in a disappointing kind of way. If you want to see more ‘Disney for adult’ stuff then you only need to check out and follow Andhika on Instagram. There you can find over a thousand of Photoshopped Disney creations to appease both the kid and the grown-up in you.

Source: Instagram