Photos of Misfortune by People Having the Worst Day of Their Lives

Are you having a bad day? Don’t worry, you’re not the only person in the world who is struggling from bad luck. If it makes you feel any better, scroll down and see some photos of misfortune showing unlucky people who have it worse than you.



This is the least thing you’d want to see if you’re the librarian.

An1onn / imgur

I don’t know whose fault is this. Can we blame the lack of warning signs? Or is the driver blind not to see that huge hole?

skywire / imgur

What did I do to deserve this?

anlyin / imgur

Do you ever wonder what happens when you drive through wet concrete? This happens.

Swampster81 / reddit

Never fall asleep under the sun, especially when you’re eating a bowl of cereal.

adobeamd / reddit

Why does my pizza have a Band-Aid?

JimmyTorpedo / reddit

No matter what happens, do not take off your helmet.

hubiejunior / imgur

On the count of three, 1… 2… throw away your phone!

HappyRena / imgur

A man’s epic reaction when he found out his girlfriend is pregnant.

JarJarDrinks / imgur

Worst parking attempt ever!

Freekmagnet / reddit

This VIP seat gives you the best view in the movie theater.

An1onn / imgur

Here’s what to do when there’s a hole in the floor.

GavTits / twitter

Washable actually means that the paint can be washed away but it didn’t say it won’t leave a tint.

LeleTill / twitter

This kid cracked open a balut (fertilized duck egg) thinking it was a regular chicken egg. He cried when he saw the duck fetus and regrets ‘killing’ the innocent bird.

bevrlly / twitter

What could be more embarrassing than to realize that you entered the wrong bathroom?

bbypeachess / twitter