This Giant Family Tent Has Multiple Bedrooms And A Spacious Living Area

Camping is best enjoyed when you do it with the whole family. But with an ordinary camping tent, trying to fit yourselves in a cramped space is no fun at all. Thanks to this giant family tent, the entire family now has plenty of space to sleep and move around. Ideal for those who still want to have their privacy during camping, this tunnel tent provides bedroom compartments on both ends. Furthermore, it has a vast open area in between the bedroom compartments that serves as the living room.

This giant tent can accommodate up to 8 occupants all at once. The bedroom compartments on both sides can be customized to make separate bedrooms. You can organize the compartments to make 3 bedroom slots on each side, 2 bedroom slots on each side or 1 large bedroom on each side. Located in between the bedroom compartments is a generous amount of living space which can be accessed by 2 side doors. Hence, this tunnel tent provides an ideal balance between living and sleeping space.


This Giant Family Tent Provides Private Bedroom Slots And A Large Living Space In The Center

giant family tent

It includes toggled privacy curtains to help you set up isolated bed spaces in both compartments. The living space has a full mesh door on the front and large diamond clear PVC windows to allow natural light in to give you a perfect view of the surroundings. This giant tent features a ventilation system to ensure sufficient airflow and to minimize condensation. Its sewn-in groundsheet keeps drafts and bugs at bay so you can sleep in peace throughout the night. Plus, it features a patented tension band system that you can attach for extra stability in harsh winds.

eight-person camping tent

This spacious tunnel tent is made from denier polyester fire retardant flysheet that is waterproof and extremely durable. It also includes cable entries and tidies along with storage pockets and lantern hanging points. Despite its enormous size, this tunnel tent is easy to set up and easy to store as it can be easily packed away into an oversized carry bag. Make your family camping more comfortable and more enjoyable with this tent. One satisfied buyer wrote:


“Very easy to put up and take down, no hassle getting in the bag. Nice and spacious, we like the layout of the pods not all being next to each other. No water leakage when heavy rain happened.”

giant family tent bedroom slots


giant family tent internal storage pockets


large outdoor tunnel tent lantern hanging points


large outdoor tunnel tent carry bag

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