A Fan Of Home Alone Has Come Up With A Realistic Plot For Home Alone 3 And People On Twitter Love It

There’s no denying that we are a generation that grew up watching Home Alone. In fact, watching the kooky holiday flick has most likely become a tradition for many! And you might not have realized this, but it’s been around for 30 years already! (Now we really feel old!) Most of us will probably be content in simply re-watching Kevin McAllister run circles around the Wet Bandits. But we live in the age of fanfiction. And one fan has come up with a highly detailed plot for “Home Alone 3”.

Twitter user @KevinJZak is perfectly aware that there is, in fact, already a third instalment. But many fans don’t really regard the third movie to be an official part of the franchise because it featured new faces and even a different director. Macaulay, along with the original cast, director Chris Columbus and composer John Williams were no longer involved. This change was definitely something that didn’t sit well with fans who’d grown accustomed to Macaulay. Alex Linz just never managed to capture the hearts of fans the way Macaulay did.



A fan came up with a plot for a proper third installment to the Home Alone series

In @KevinJZack’s imaginary movie, Macaulay will reprise his role as Kevin McAllister. And since the ‘movie’ will take place 30 years after the first film, Kevin will already be 40 years old. He’s working as an Associate Artistic Director for Carnegie Hall and lives in his uncle’s town house at the Upper West Side together with his husband Derek (@KevinJZack specifically ‘casted’ Dan Levy for the role). The story quickly gets darker when the couple travels back to Chicago to spend one last Christmas at the old McAllister home with his newly widowed Mom, Kate. As things take an unexpected turn…

Instead of reuniting with his Mom, Kevin and Derek find the McAllister family home empty. Apparently, around the same time that Kevin and his husband are traveling back to Chicago, Marv and Harry are released from prison after serving their time for armed robbery. According to @KevinJZak, the two bandits were consumed by their desire for revenge while incarcerated. So, in order to act on this, they headed straight back to the McAllister home and kidnapped Kate.




Writer Kevin Zak wrote a plot that features the original characters and cast




The imaginative plot features loads of exciting elements and twists

Kevin discovers the note that the kidnappers had left behind and he immediately realizes who had taken his mom away. The kidnappers took Kate to the now abandoned church near the family home, and, in retaliation for Kevin’s handiwork 30 years before, set up various kinds of traps in the church. As soon as the couple realize that Marv and Harry are hiding out in the church, they head over, and, just like in the movies, set off the traps prepared for them. According to the plot, Derek will hilariously get caught in many of the traps, but Kevin will manage to adeptly evade them. After successfully rescuing his mom, they gather around the Christmas tree, and Kate makes a surprising admission. The plot for Home Alone 3 ends with Kevin suggesting that they rig the house with traps to catch the bandits.





There’s even a shocking confession thrown in the story




We’re not going to lie, we enjoyed ‘watching’ @KevinJZak’s proposed plot play out in our mind. And we’re not alone. Over 73,000 Twitter users loved Kevin Zak’s idea! “I will absolutely finance this,” one Twitter user replied to Kevin Zak’s thread.  Do we finally have the proper ending the series has always deserved? We’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed!



Fans loved the proposed plot








The thread opened up a lot of conversations among fans






Some were confused why Kevin was gay




But that’s also exactly why some loved the draft