R2-D2 Coffee Press Is The Perfect Droid to Start Your Day Off Right


We all struggle to get out of bed in the mornings. We aren’t able to function properly until we have had that first cup of coffee. But what better way to have your coffee served to you other than R2-D2 itself! This R2-D2 coffee press will be your new best friend. It will help give you that much needed caffeine boost you were looking for.

The guys over at ThinkGeek are the brains behind this powerful device. The coffee press works the same way a regular French press would. Simply add your coffee grounds to the device, pour some boiling water into the glass body and let it brew for a few minutes, then press down the top to begin making your coffee. You will be able to get about 4 cups worth from it before needed to refill. What more can we say.. The force is strong with this one.
Why not enjoy your beverage in this epic R2-D2 mug.

R2-D2 coffee press

r2-d2 filled with coffee

Side view

r2-d2 coffee press side view

Front view

r2-d2 coffee presser

R2-D2 pouring coffee into mug

r2-d2 pouring coffee


Everyone’s inner nerd will be calling out for one of these. Don’t disappoint them, get yours today.