Hilarious Disney Jokes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Disney has been a part of every childhood and even grown-ups enjoy their movies from time to time. But these hilarious Disney jokes will change the way you look at those beloved films. There’s no denying how Disney made our childhood happy. From classical fairy tales to 3D animations, people just can’t get enough of them. Until now, Disney never fails to amuse us in many ways. We certainly need some Disney to cheer us up. But some internet trolls choose to make fun at our beloved children movies with these hilarious Disney jokes that will ruin your childhood.



This is every shampoo commercial we see on TV.

If there’s something that can do it in one swipe just like Mulan’s sleeve.

It’s a whole different thing when it’s a beautiful stranger.

Jack and Rose could’ve used the flying carpet when their ship sunk.

That joke is so cold-blooded and she had no choice but to let it go.

Would you rather become a beast or die? Choose your poison.

The face we make when we’re the only smart person in a bunch of fools.

Find a gorilla that will raise you too and maybe your fate will change.

Funny Disney puns to brighten your day



Aladdin should definitely work on his parking skills.

An ugly tagged photo is a girl’s kryptonite.

True love is when you put your whole faith on a glass shoe and let it choose the right girl for you.

How the tables have turned. Now we’re the ones falling into a trap.

You can take away my freedom and dignity but you can’t take away my WiFi connection.

There’s a lot of puns in this joke so we may just call this the Peter Pun joke.

These hilarious Disney jokes are epic! This is why you should never trust humans. Poor James Sullivan.

These stuffed toys’ reenactment of this iconic scene reminds us of the pain that have scarred our childhood.