Dad Grounds Daughter And Takes Over Her Social Media For 2 Weeks

When Madelynn Ella Grace (@madelynn.ellagrace) got caught “sneaking boys into a sleepover party”, her parents created two consequences for her to choose from. According to her parents, they told her that she could go a month without her phone or be phone-less for only two weeks. However, Madelynn Ella Grace’s parents get to control all her social media accounts throughout the period.

Of course, neither punishments seemed ideal. A teen without her phone in this age? That’s simply unheard of! So of course, she went for the one that would let her have her phone back as soon as possible. However, the high school sophomore from Denton, Texas immediately realized the implications of her choice with much regret.


Madelynn Ella Grace’s dad took over her social media accounts and it was glorious


Her parents’ takeover began on November 11. To inaugurate their takeover, they posted a photo of the seemingly defeated teen. She was covering her face with her hand while holding a pen over a notebook with her laptop open in front of her. In the post, her parents told their daughter’s social media friends what was about to happen and what they could expect from the teen’s accounts for the next two weeks.

We can only speculate what went through the teen’s mind during the start of the punishment. Fear, embarrassment, dread could be some of those emotions. Did she unknowingly choose social suicide in exchange for a shorter sentence? These kind of thoughts probably crossed her mind during the early stage of her punishment. Which prompted her to attempt to change her initial choice.

“At the first day, Madelynn was like, ‘I changed my mind, I choose the one month’,” the girl’s mom recalled. “Larry told her, ‘No. I’m too invested. I have too many ideas. We’re sticking with the two weeks.’ He’s loving it. I think he’s gonna make his own TikTok account when this is over.”


Madelynn Ella Grace’s Dad got really creative


While this isn’t the first time parents got creative in figuring out a way to teach their kids a lesson, Madelynn Ella Grace’s dad certainly deserves an award. Her dad made it clear that the punishment was no idle threat. Instead of just ‘monitoring’ her socials, her dad quite literally took over her Instagram and TikTok accounts. He started strong with a selfie captioned with ditzy teenage girl flair.

Larry even used a flattering filter! Talk about attention to detail. Soon after that momentous selfie, the hilarious dad took it to a whole new level with wigs, social commentary and even a “haters gonna hate” post. Soon, Maddi’s classmates began to pay attention and look forward to his updates.


She’s used to her dad’s hilarious antics


Now before anyone goes off on a tirade about how Maddi’s parents shouldn’t have taken over her accounts, the punishment is in no way bad. The takeover isn’t intended to breach their daughter’s privacy. Dads all around the world have a unique sense of humor and Larry Sumpter has his daughter’s best interests in mind despite his funny captions.

Plus, the teen is used to her dad’s antics. According to her mom, the commercial construction manager once (or more than once) picked their daughter up dressed as the high school mascot while blasting country music. They’re certainly anything but a boring family!


The whole family and some friends got in on the takeover fun


Madelynn only had 3,000 before her dad took over


Before her dad’s takeover, Maddi had under 3,000 followers to her name. However, as of writing, she now has over 16,300 followers. That’s how powerful her dad’s wacky antics were for her social media presence. Not bad for a 2-week punishment, right? The high school sophomore did get her phone and social media accounts back after two weeks, as promised. Can Maddi live up to her dad’s creative streak?

It seems that the family has decided to collaborate. According the Sumpter family’s patriarch, they’ve created a family TikTok account (Sumpter Family) and a Youtube channel where they’ll be updating once or twice a week. They’ve already got a video out. Watch it below:


Source: Instagram