Lilo The Husky Became Best Friends With Rosie The Cat After She Saved The Kitten From Dying

They say dogs and cats are mortal enemies and it’s a theory that has been passed down through the ages. Although there are a few behavioral differences that can set them at odds, canines and felines are by no means natural enemies. And the friendship of Lilo and Rosie will prove just that.

Lilo is a Siberian husky owned by three sisters who live in California. She is living together with other dogs and some cats because her owners would take in stray cats and take care of them. Five years ago, they found and rescued a dying kitten. The kitten, was just 3 weeks old when they found it on the brink of death. Due to her severe condition, they thought the frail kitten won’t even make it through the first night despite the round the clock care. As they were about to give up, they decided to let the dying kitten cuddle with Lilo. Little did they knew, that decision would later save it from dying.


The Friendship of Lilo the Husky and Rosie the Cat Is Melting The Hearts of People

The kitten started snuggling with Lilo as if to keep her safe and warm. The gentle husky would let the kitten sleep on her and crawl over her. After a week, the kitten finally opened her eyes and began showing improvements. Lilo’s tender and loving care significantly helped the kitten recover. Since then, the compassionate husky and the adorable kitten has become best friends.

The friendship between the two has become stronger through the years. The kitten who was found close to death has now grown into a healthy, gorgeous cat. Although Lilo continues to nurse other rescue kittens, this kitty will always have a special place in her heart. You can follow them on Instagram to get a glimpse of their remarkable friendship.

Source: Instagram