Bakery In Russia Has Been Creating Cakes Inspired By Pop Culture And Art

Give your eyes a treat with these artistic cakes that are too gorgeous to eat. Pastry chefs are taking cake designs to a higher level and the competition is getting stronger by the day. Indeed, there are many talented pastry chefs with their own unique creations and each with remarkable elements and stunning features. From galaxy-inspired cakes to embroidery-style cakes, it seems like the possibilities are endless when it comes to cake design.

You probably have your own favorite pastry chef or style of cake. Well, everyone has their own preference when it comes to food design. Do you have an exquisite and sophisticated taste? Or are you more of an adventurous person which favors the more whimsical creations? But what if you want to have an amazing cake that is geeky at the same time? Would that be possible? Well, believe it or not, there’s a bakery that creates cakes which perfectly merge classical art and pop culture together.


Tortik Annushka creates artistic cakes inspired by classic art and pop culture


This cake is perfect for those who are a fan of Adventure Time

The cakes are created by Moscow-based bakery Tortik Annushka, which is owned and run by siblings Madina Yavorskaya and Rustam Kungurov.  As a result of their amazing baking the bakery is currently making waves on social media. And there’s a good reason why it is the talk of the town. Their flawless multi-tiered cakes are like a canvas for their stunning artwork mostly inspired by classical paintings and pop culture.

The bakers create many cakes such as bakes inspired by classic masterpieces by Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo for instance. They also make pop culture cakes from movies and TV shows such as Adventure Time and Star Wars, Tortik Annushka is truly the master of edible art. And their impressive collection of cakes simply says it all.


This Star Wars cake is out of this world!

If you’re living in Moscow then you’re very lucky because you can visit the bakery to taste their famous cakes. We’re pretty sure these goodies are as tasty as they look. For those of us living outside Russia, we can only follow the bakery’s Instagram page and stare at their mouth-watering creations through the screen. And perhaps get inspiration for our next baking session. Take a look at some of Tortik Annushka’s most fabulous cake designs.


If you love art this cake is perfect for you. This cake looks too good to eat


So, this amazing two tier cake was inspired by Andy Warhol.


“Inspired by Gunter Konrad”


This Frida Khalo cake is just amazing!


So, this cake is must-have for Game of Thrones fans


We love this cake because the square shape is so unusual!


And here is another art inspired cake!


So, we love this cake, it has a fun and fruity design


Anyone for a Martini?


The detail on this cake is just amazing, such an intricate design


This cake was inspired by Peit Mondrian


A geometric cake like this will wow at any event


So, which chocolate do you like more?


So, this creative cake reminds you to follow your dreams


And this cake is so unique


This artistic cake doesn’t even look like food, it is a brilliant illusion cake!


This cute handbag cake was inspired by JACQUEMUS


Finally, which one of these cakes is your favorite?

Source: Instagram