There’s A Hallmark Channel Version Of Monopoly For An Even More Fun-Filled Family Argumentative Time

We all love Hallmark. Whether for its beautiful greeting cards or its romance movies, there’s no denying how big this brand has become. In fact, binge-watching Hallmark Channel’s heart-melting winter romances is a surefire way of battling the chills away. However, watching sappy romance movies isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If so, you can bring everyone together with the launch of the Hallmark Channel Monopoly board game. This special edition Monopoly board is probably the most whimsical board we’ve seen yet!

“Take a break from binge watching the Hallmark Channel while still enjoying everything you love about it with this twist on the classic Monopoly game.”


Hallmark Channel Monopoly

The classic Monopoly board game has been completely transformed with Hallmark’s magic touch. As well as the board, its inclusions have also had a makeover to match the Hallmark aesthetic. For example, instead of the usual car and cat tokens, you’ll find ice skates, Christmas trees, and the Hallmark pup in this collectible edition.

Furthermore, the houses and hotels have been switched for cottages and inns, which is a delightfully homey touch. Most notably, this set includes a pack of custom Hallmark Channel money which features the brand’s adorable scarf-wearing pup logo!

Hallmark Channel Monopoly Accessories

Hallmark’s Monopoly board is everything you would expect from the whimsical brand. Compared with the classic Monopoly board we’ve always known, this special edition board comes divided into four, season-themed sections. Every section, in true Hallmark fashion, comes with quirky names: Spring Fever, Summer Nights, Fall Harvest, and Winterfest. Additionally, the forty spaces have been filled with unique properties. A Christmas tree farm and a bakery serve as the game’s two prime properties, followed by a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, skating pond, and sledding hill.

Roll the dice and immerse yourself in the Hallmark Channel Monopoly Board Game’s seasonal wonderlands.


Hallmark Channel Monopoly Board


As of October 25, the game is available for purchase online. The timing is pretty perfect for those of us who like to start our holiday shopping earlier than the rest. If you’re a fan of Hallmark’s signature style, this special edition Monopoly board game is surely going to be at the top of your holiday wish list this year! This spruced up board is sure to revive those fun family board game nights, or start the tradition. The Hallmark Monopoly game retails for $39.99 at Hallmark’s online store. Get it today before every board is gone!