This Guy Turned His Kitchen Table Into The Best Monopoly Board I Have Ever Seen

Monopoly is a game that has been around for many, many years now. It’s an extremely enjoyable event to partake in and causes many people to unleash their competitive sides. Most people who have played have witnessed someone getting angry and flipping the board. If this is a problem in your household, maybe you could transform a table in to a game board instead! Here we have the step by step process that Imgur user ‘ToastnEggs’ used to do exactly that. This project has definitely been added to our to-do list! Take a look!

The table before the transformation began…

The tools used for the process…

A sketch and measurements.

The pencil outline was applied!

ToastnEggs started cutting the grooves with a butter knife, before realizing they had some wood carving tools and used them instead.

Wood burned outline was completed!

‘Fingers nearly broken’!

The table was ready for its first varnish application.

Wood stain was used for the sides and the majority of the center. 

A paper towel was used to smudge the stain around, resulting in a vintage/used look.

The car was given more of a pimp look…

Time for the final reveal…


This seems like a really fun project that is suitable for those at any skill level!