Keep Yourself Warm This Winter With A Penis-Shaped Hot Water Bottle

Looking for a fun and naughty way to keep yourself warm this winter season? Well, why not go for a penis-shaped hot water bottle? It might sound and look pretty hilarious, but, trust us, it actually does the job. In fact, it can be nearly as good as the real thing!

Ladies and perhaps even some lads would definitely want their hands on Firebox’s willy water bag. It makes a great warm compress bag that can relieve any discomfort—sore muscles, joint pains, and even period cramps. Yes, ladies, we bet that this bottle is going to be your new best friend.


Penis-shaped Hot Water Bottle Creative Product Shot

The real thing might be the last thing you need during that time of the month. However, this bottle’s definitely an exception. After all, it’s a brilliant solution to keep you from being cocky during those bloody days.


“The humble penis is the perfect shape for a hot water bottle, distributing that lovely warmth sideways through the balls and lengthwise through the shaft.”


Firebox’s penis-shaped hot water bottle is every PMS-ing lady’s new best friend

Penis-shaped Hot Water Bottle Used as Warm Compress

It comes in a nice salmon color and measures approximately 60 cm in height, 39.6 cm in width, and 3.8 cm in diameter. Of course, just like the real thing, it’s no use when it’s all floppy. That said, you will have to fill it up with warm water before snuggling with it.

The site even suggests tucking it down your pants “to experience the thrill of having your very own obscenely large, hot dick.” Well, no judgments here, do whatever floats your boat.

Although there’s a tiny bit detail that might turn you off. The bottle features a little smiling face that gives off an awkward vibe. Well, good for you if you don’t find this detail disturbing at all. But, hey, if it does the job of keeping you cozy, then just ignore it perhaps?

Penis-shaped Hot Water Bottle


So, what are you waiting for? Get yours here before stocks run out!