This ‘Disney Theme Parks’ Monopoly Board Has A Pop-Up Castle

With the world’s current situation, it seems like a trip to the Disney Parks won’t be possible anytime soon. Thankfully, there’s now a way to bring the magic of our beloved theme park straight to our homes. And what’s even more exciting is that it comes in the form of our all-time favorite Hasbro board game. Presenting the Disney Theme Parks Monopoly set which, in our opinion, is the most enchanting take on the classic board game as of yet.

For one, it highlights some of the theme park’s most iconic attractions. These include the Disney Skyliner, Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion and the Sleeping Beauty Castle, to name a few. There’s also the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which is one of the park’s recent spectacles. And the best part? You don’t have to go through long, gruesome queues for a closeup look.


Experience the happiest place on earth in the comfort of your homes with this special-edition Disney Theme Parks Monopoly set

Property-trading Board Game Packaging


Board Game with a Fantasyland Castle Pop-up

The game follows the same rules as the original version that most of us grew up playing. However, instead of the usual houses and hotels, this edition features Toontown Houses and Castles. There’s even a pop-up Fantasyland Castle right in the middle of the board! Indeed, the details are all on point. So, we’re betting that playing this game would be as good as visiting the park can get. Well, that would do for now.

Disney Theme Parks Monopoly Set Inclusions


Disney Theme Parks Monopoly Board Game

Each set also includes six new tokens as well as Magic and Fantasy cards in place of the Chance and Community Chest cards. There’s also a 60-minute speed play option included in case you’re not fond of the game’s long duration. All you’ll need is a minimum of two players, and you’re ready to experience the fun and magic with this special-edition Monopoly set.

One happy buyer wrote:

“We are a family that loves Monopoly! I bought this game and we got it almost a week ago. We’ve had a game going ever since! The Disney twists and magic are very fun!”


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