16 Of The Most Unexpected Greetings Cards

There’s a huge market when it comes to greetings cards. Even in times when technology seems to be taking over, people have not relented in the tradition of giving cards. Despite there being millions of different choices available, sometimes it can be ridiculously hard to find a unique option that you actually like. Well, here we have 16 of the most unexpected greetings cards that might better suit your tastes! Take a look! 

16 Of The Most Unexpected Greetings Cards

Savage! Perfect for those who like to have a little banter with their loved ones. 

Who doesn’t love being reminded that they are ageing in such a blunt manner?

We need to stock up on these! 

Well, things started on a positive note! 

For those who like stating the obvious. 

An exiting opening with a deeply boring end. 

Next Valentine’s day is sorted! 

You could have quite a lot of fun with this! 

If you can’t even get the date right, you may as well go all out and truly suck. 

Always look on the bright side! 

The older you get, the more you fall in the the number 5 category, we feel! 

Unexpected Greetings Cards money in birthday cards


We don’t always get what we deserve! 

Unexpected Greetings Cards oh well youll live


How to make someone feel good on their birthday…

Unexpected Greetings Cards once was a very happy tree


Uh oh, an error has occurred. Sometimes these technological issues just can’t be prevented. 

One of our favorites! 

Ideal for people who can never think of anything to say…

Unexpected Greetings Cards no space