The Majestic Stained Glass Cabin Hidden In The Woods By Neile Cooper

For artists like Neile Cooper, having a workspace that inspires their creativity is of utmost importance. As such, she built her own stained glass cabin just behind her home in Mohawk, New Jersey. This breathtaking space serves as her creative haven. At the same time, it also flawlessly showcases her astonishing works. The cabin alone is already a masterpiece, featuring intricate stained glass designs.

Stained Glass Cabin in the Woods

Dubbed as Glass Cabin, this miniature house is surely a standout amidst the luscious green trees in the woods. Each panel features a nature-inspired pattern. Oversized leaves, flowers, mushrooms, snails, and colorful crystals adorn the walls. Meanwhile, creatures like bees, butterflies, and birds have the entire ceiling all to themselves. The cabin may be a tad small with only an 8-feet-by-12-feet interior. Nonetheless, it certainly leaves a big impression on anyone who is able to witness its majestic beauty.

Artist and jeweler Neile Cooper’s Glass Cabin looks like a mystical sanctuary straight out of a fairytale.

Stained Glass Cabin Flower and Gemstone Details 2


Stained Glass Cabin Flower, Mushroom, and Plant Details


Stained Glass Cabin Owl and Bee Details


Stained Glass Cabin Bird Details

It’s easy to see why Cooper considers this cabin as her most ambitious project as of yet. But there’s more to this cabin’s superficial charm. The artist and jeweler also shared how she was able to incorporate sustainability into her glass abode. She revealed that it consists mostly of reclaimed materials.

“Rafter beams from some fallen trees, lumber from a neighbor’s storm-damaged porch, and many, many old window frames.”

Stained Glass Cabin Butterfly Detail


Stained Glass Cabin Leaf Details


Stained Glass Cabin Flower and Mushroom Details


Stained Glass Cabin Flower and Gemstone Details

There’s no doubt that the Glass Cabin serves as an attraction at any time of the day and any season of the year. While one can fully appreciate its beauty in the daytime, it still exhibits a magnificent glow at night. While it perfectly complements autumn foliages, it doesn’t mean that it loses its charm in the winter.

Stained Glass Cabin in the Woods at Night


Stained Glass Cabin in the Woods during Fall


Stained Glass Cabin in the Woods during Winter

Interested in Cooper’s works? You can see more of them on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Likewise, you can also check out her Etsy page where she features all her stained-glass trinkets.