22 Dark Wedding Cakes That Add Some Gothic-Inspired Flair

It is common knowledge that white is the traditional stationery choice for wedding color scheme. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the tradition. While some brides still prefer to adhere to the custom, other brides chose to think outside the box. Of course, cake is an indispensable element in wedding occasions. But modern brides are starting to embrace the unorthodox approach in cake designs. Instead of the conventional white cakes, more and more brides are picking out black wedding cakes to highlight their big day.

Cake designs are currently in a revolutionary phase. Stunning new designs that we’ve never seen before are making the trend in the pastry industry right now. Cakes are not just mere sweet desserts anymore but they’re also specially designed to please the eyes. There’s the exquisite flower cake that look like a bouquet or a bunch of succulent plants. For a more exciting design, there’s the marble mirror cake and the space-themed cake. Needless to say, pastry makers are now exercising their artistic skills through their creations. And it seems like they have finally gone out of their comfort zone.

dark black wedding cakes
Tortik Annushka

Black wedding cakes are one of the most surprising products of contemporary cake design. Brides now have more options to choose from aside from the basic white cakes. This will give an opportunity to bring out the inner goth in every bride. Just like most wedding cakes, these black wedding cakes also don’t come short of fabulous embellishments and ornate. Furthermore, the black icing serves as an ideal backdrop that further accentuates the flowers and patterns. Whether you’re a fan of the Gothic art or not, these black wedding cakes would certainly add uniqueness and elegance to your special day.

Take a look at these glamorous black wedding cakes and let their aesthetic elegance allure your eyes (and your taste buds).

black wedding cakes
Tortik Annushka


black wedding cakes by dana herbert
Dana Herbert


black wedding cake with large flower ornate
The Sweet Stuff


three-layered black wedding cake
Green Wedding Shoes


dark wedding cake white flowers
Kurt Boomer

Exquisite black wedding cakes to bring a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your big day

multi-layered black wedding cakes
Tortik Annushka


black wedding cake gold base
Laura Loukaides


black wedding cake different textures
Tortik Annushka


dark wedding cakes
The Confetti Cakery


single layer black wedding cake
Studio 629


dark wedding cake black dripping
Elegant Wedding


black wedding cakes floral painting
Hey There, Cupcake!


black and white wedding cake
Jasmine Rae Cakes


black wedding cake hand painted gold
Ed & Aileen Photography


black wedding cake by sugared saffron
The Sugared Saffron Cake Studio


black wedding cake alice broadway
Alice Broadway


black wedding cakes victoria jones
Victoria Watkins-Jones


black wedding cakes heartsweet
Heartsweet Cakes


black wedding cakes jasmine rae
Jasmine Rae Cakes


dark wedding cakes cathy haebe
Cathy Haebe


white and black wedding cake
Hey There, Cupcake!