A Coffin Coffee Table For The Horror Movie Fans Out There

One look at this luxurious coffin coffee table and you’ll be dying to get your hands on it. Most people only decorate their homes with morbid ornaments during Halloween. When the spooky season is over, they’ll have to store away all of the scary stuff to be used again next year. Truth be told, some people are so drawn to the macabre that they would go for horror-inspired addition that they could display and use beyond the seasonal festivities. And if you belong to this group, you also might be in search for Gothic- or occult-themed furniture to spruce up your room on a more permanent basis.

This coffin coffee table is sure to bring out the beauty of the dark side. What makes it all the more strange is its finely styled replica of an actual casket. Transform any room into a horror scene and express your love for the Gothic and macabre things with this eerie piece of furniture. This casket-shaped furniture is made of wood and painted in uncanny black. It features a hinged lifting top with acrylic glass that lets you see what’s inside the casket.


Coffin Coffee Table

coffin coffee table

Of course, you can use the inside of the coffin coffee table to store your essentials or utensils. Or you can impress your guests even more by displaying your morbid collectibles inside while you gather round and enjoy your coffee. The table measures 4 feet long, 16 inches high, and 20 inches deep with ample room for all your storage needs. It doesn’t come with a lining as shown on the pictures. But it does come with a free altar cloth so you’ll need to be a bit creative and start from there. You can also make the content come alive by adding some string lights inside.

casket-shaped furniture

This mysteriously beautiful coffin coffee table makes a great conversation piece. Its mystifying aesthetic evokes both beauty and creepiness at the same time. Besides, nothing makes you feel more alive than having something associated with death. You can invite your horror-loving friends over and enjoy your cups of coffee as you talk about life (and even death).

gothic themed home interior


coffin coffee table wood plexiglass

Source: Etsy