Gorgeous Mirror Marble Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind

We all know that food is made to be eaten, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t admire it first! Russian confectioner Olga had a love for macaroons which expanded into studying confectionery arts. She has an insane talent for creating impressive desserts with a signature mirror marble glaze. Here we present 13 glorious examples of Olga’s work. Her designs really do look too good to eat, but we think we could make a few exceptions! Take a look but prepare to feel super hungry!
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Gorgeous Mirror Marble Cakes

We would be desperate to crack open this egg and see what’s inside!

And, here’s the result!

This design reminds us of the northern lights…

A perfect valentine’s day gift…

How can a cake be so mesmerizing?!

The night sky perfectly captured.

What a fantastic green color!

This donut design is awesome.

This one just oozes fruity goodness…

Olga has perfected the finishing shine. 

This gradient style is wonderful.

Here we have a different texture of dessert, what do you think of it?

This could easily be mistaken for a soft cushion!