Take An Xbox One Kinect Add A Dancer And See Something Magical Happen


Asphyxia is an experimental movie created by Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips. The expressive dance performance is by Shiho Tanaka and the end result is awesome. Takeuchi created the soundtrack using analog and digital know how and Phillips took care of the visuals. The latest version of the Xbox One Kinect sensor was tested alongside the previous one. It was decided that the newer version caught more detail however the two combined could be used to capture the front and back of the dancer in order to create a 3D image. As a result the end piece was "real" and captured human emotion despite it being computer generated. The entire project took around 5-6 weeks and 30 minutes of performance was eventually painstakingly cut down to just 3. Check out the photos and video below and prepare to be amazed.
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