Ordinary Cakes Transformed Into Flowery Picturesque Masterpieces

Cakes not only need to be scrumptious, these sweet treats also need to look pleasing as well. Blooming flower cakes are certainly one of the highlights of the spring season. We still have a month to spare before spring finally ends. But we’ve got something to make the remaining spring days more colorful and blooming. These lifelike buttercream flowers are created by Atelier Soo, a pastry chef from Seoul, South Korea. Exquisitely crafted to look like bountiful bouquets, these cakes are indeed pleasing to the eyes and taste buds.

Soo’s lifelike buttercream flowers feature lavish blooms of bouquets in a wide range of colors and sizes. Intricate petal construction along with dexterous arrangement, the cake turns out to look more like a bouquet than a food. But don’t let its look fool you. It may look like actual flowers but a cake is still a cake. After satisfying your eyes on the colorful blossoms, it’s time to satisfy your hunger pangs. Made with delectable ingredients like butter, whipping cream and sugar, you can indulge your sweet tooth in this dainty-looking cake.

lifelike buttercream flowers atelier soo cakes

The artistic chef offers her lifelike buttercream flowers to adorn special events such as weddings. You can see some of her glorious creations on her Instagram page. Furthermore, she also offers classes and tutorials for those who want to learn the craft.

atelier soo lifelike buttercream flowers


lifelike buttercream flowers cake


cake flower bouquets


atelier soo cake flowers


lifelike buttercream flowers by atelier soo


colorful flowers cakes


lifelike buttercream flowers on cakes


atelier soo bouquet cakes


buttercream cake realistic bouquets


exquisite buttercream cakes


colorful flowers on cake


realistic flowers on cake


atelier soo flower cakes


buttercream cakes atelier soo


lifelike buttercream flowers bouquets

Soo’s lifelike buttercream flowers look so eye-catching and mouth-watering as well

beautiful delicious buttercream cake

Source: Atelier Soo | Instagram