Mother’s Has A New Sparkling Mythical Creature Bag Of Cookies

We may all be munching on bat- and cat- shaped cookies right now, but Mother’s already has Sparkling Mythical Creature cookies ready for us next year. Yes, you got that right – we’ve got Mother’s Mythical Creature cookies to look forward to right after the holiday season! We can all agree that snack breaks are pretty magical. And now things just got a whole lot fancier with this fantasy-inspired batch from our favorite cookie brand!

Mother’s is clearly having a lot of fun transforming their cookies into different shapes this year. And it seems that this innovation was inspired by the consumers themselves. Apparently, Ferrara Candy Co. finally recognized that their consumers’ children didn’t only see the cookies as tasty treats. The cookies were also working the kids’ imaginative skills! So in response to this, it was only fitting for Mother’s to dole out some fresh and fun characters! At a press release, Natalie Hagstorm, general manager of the cookies, crusts, and cones portfolio at Ferrara Candy Co. said,

“What we learned with the Mother’s consumers of Circus Animal is kids playing with the crackers themselves, with the animal shapes… so we’re using that as our jumping off point for inspiration.”


Have a magical break with Mother’s Sparkling Mythical Creature cookies

Mother’s Mythical Creature cookies are a total departure from real-life animals altogether. This batch features cookies baked in the form of magical creatures like mermaids, the Loch Ness monster, unicorns and even dragons. The creatures come coated in white or lavender frosting that’s topped with a layer of sparkly silver sanding sugar to complete its whimsical motif. These cookies will, without a doubt, make any little princess’s (or your own) tea parties and snack breaks instantly more magical!

Ferrara Candy Co. said that Mother’s Mythical Creature cookies are set to hit shelves early next year. We’re guessing that we’ll see this mythical cookie offering in spring. But before this, Mother’s will be serving a holiday-themed batch first! All we’ve really got to do now is wait until Mother’s gives us our treats. But can you really blame us for feeling a teeny tiny bit impatient for these gorgeously magical cookies? We’re already imagining how cute it would be, to have circus animal and mythical creature cookies in one giant bowl…