Gorgeous Plant Cakes That Look Just Like The Real Thing

This year’s spring season is about to end. But we still got the biggest surprise to send it off with a blast. It was indeed a season of blooming flowers and fresh breeze. That is why spring-themed cakes such as blooming flower cakes and bouquet cakes became a huge hit. People just can’t seem to get enough of these dainty desserts that are pleasing to the eyes and sweet tooth. Jakarta-based baker Ivenoven, the same baker who created the popular buttercream blooming flower cakes, has another mouth-watering masterpiece to show. The Indonesian baker unveils her latest creations – lifelike plant cakes that look like the real thing.

ivenoven succulent cakes

Just like her blooming flower cakes, these succulent cakes are made from butter, food coloring, and powdered sugar. But instead of delicate petals, her new creations feature spikes and needles that are inherent to succulents. By using her unique piping technique, Ivenoven creates realistic leaves that transform the cake into a lush bunch of edible plants.

lifelife succulent cakes

Ivenoven found her passion for baking in 2013 when she made Christmas cookies for her daughter. In addition to baking, she also has a knack for artistic designs. She started to create artisan cakes, cupcakes and cookies that showcase her elaborate flower designs. Due to the overwhelming approval from the public, she decided to pursue a business and started selling her creations through Zoezobake. You can find her entire collection of succulent cakes on her Facebook and Instagram page.

Take a look at Ivenoven’s eye-pleasing, sweet succulent cakes below.

Ivenoven creates beautiful plant cakes that actually look like the real thing

ivenoven cacti cakes


ivenoven succulent cupcakes


cakes that look like real succulents


colorful succulent cakes


realistic succulent cakes


ivenoven succulent cupcakes creations


ivenoven lush succulent cakes


realistic succulent plants on cake


succulent cakes large cacti


cacti cakes ivenoven


succulent cakes on sand


ivenoven new succulent cakes


succulent cakes ivenoven


cacti cupcakes ivenoven

Source: Instagram | Facebook