True Blood Roses Are A Perfect Way To Add A Touch Of Gothic To Your Garden

Just as the classic poem goes – ‘roses are red’. But this prestigious flower also comes in other charming colors such as pink, yellow, white, lavender, and orange. If you’re looking for a unique shade then these true blood roses should make your garden stand out. Deep beautiful shade of red with darker pigmentation that appear to be black, these gorgeous bushes will instantly remind you of vampires and all things dark and mysterious. The dark sensuous beauty it brings is sure to transform your garden into a gothic paradise, making it perfect for the Halloween or any gothic-themed events.

You can get seeds for these true blood roses on Etsy. Order now so you can plant them in your garden, just in time for them to grow and bloom in Halloween.  The seeds are available in 20-count and 100-count packs. Once the seeds arrive, they will require germination first before you can plant them. To initiate the germination process, place the seeds in a plastic bag and store it in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator for 60 days.


True Blood Roses

true blood roses

After the germination process, you can now plant and grow true blood roses from the seeds. Fill the planting tray with high-quality potting soil, preferably a mix formulated for seedlings. Make sure to leave 0.5-inch for the top layer. Place the seeds in the potting soil then cover them with the top layer of potting soil. Spray the soil with water then place the planting tray in a large, clear plastic bag. Seal the opening of the bag with a twist tie and place it in a warm location that gets indirect sunlight.

black baccara rose seedling


true blood roses seedlings sprout

Check the tray occasionally and if the soil gets dry, remove the tray from the bag and spray the soil lightly with water. Then put it back into the bag, making sure to seal it tightly. After 15-20 days, you should see the seedlings sprouting. When that happens, take the tray out of the bag and transplant the seedlings to planters. If the season is suitable for planting, you can plant the seedlings outside, in your yard or in your garden. The time it takes for the true blood roses to bloom can vary greatly. A little bit of patience may be necessary, but you will be rewarded once the stunning flowers bloom.


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Although the dark pigmentation is commonly referred to as a ‘black color’ by some sellers, the color is actually a dark shade of maroon red. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a natural black rose. There are, however, various varieties with intense deep, dark maroon, or burgundy hue that appears to be black from a distance. Aside from the true blood roses, we’ve found another variety called the ‘black baccara rose’ that also gives off the same dark, gothic vibe. This mesmerizingly beautiful flower has a deep maroon shade all over its velvety petals.


Black Baccara Rose

black baccara rose seeds


black baccara rose


true blood roses black baccara hybrid

Source: Etsy | True Blood | Black Baccara