50 Times When People Tried Their Best To Be Smart But Failed Miserably

Everybody has their own share of embarrassing moments that they want to forget forever. And nothing can be more humiliating than failing at trying to act smart. There are certain points in time when we assume that we know everything and we start blabbering about stupid things. And when we realize our idiocy, it’s too late to take it back because the damage has been done. Indeed, that kind of embarrassment is unbearable. Luckily for some, their embarrassing moments seem to pass by in time. Although the memories would still haunt them from time to time, most people would eventually forget that unfortunate event.

However, there are people who are scarred for life in absolute shame. We’re all aware of the convenience of social media and the internet, right? If you want to make an impression of being brilliant and intelligent, there’s no other place better than social media. True enough, online platforms became a favorite stomping ground for know-it-all and smarty-pants to broadcast pieces of their minds. More often than not, these people turned out being ridiculous and silly instead. To make it worse, their foolishness isn’t something that is easily forgotten because it is on social media. If anything, their hilarious folly is constantly being shared online thus resulting to a wider degree of embarrassment.

As much as we want to feel sorry for these obnoxiously self-assertive people, we can’t help but laugh at their failed attempts. If you’re having a hard time, think that their embarrassing moments are much even worse than yours. So, let these people serve as a lesson to everybody. Think before you speak. And think before you press that ‘Post’ button because your words may be used against you in a very humiliating way. We’ve compiled the funniest examples of people who tried to win at social media by acting smart but ended up being the laughingstock instead. Laugh your hearts out with these facepalm-worthy embarrassing moments shared on social media.


Facebook Making Memes Unintentionally

You Can Never Be Too Sure

“My Sister’s Friend Bought The Wrong Concert Tickets”

A Little Help Needed

Loved Leonardo Davinci’s Art In Titanic

embarrassing moments leonardo di caprio painter

“Mom Didn’t Get The Memo”

How Are You This Ignorant?

Login: Admin Password: Admin

embarrassing moments hidden key

Locked Out

“I Believe That’s Meant To Be The Date”

The Z3d Is On Hell Of A Drug

There Was An Attempt

You Got Catfished

It Would Be A Cool Feature, Though

“She Was Waiting In Line For 5 Minutes”

“Parking Cop Gave A Ticket To An Art Piece Because He Thought It Was Illegally Parked”

“I Wanted To Cook My Wife A Fancy Meal For Her Birthday, So I Started With A Slow-Cooked Home Made Chicken Stock. After Simmering For Hours, The Recipe Said To Pour It Through A Strainer. God Damnit!”

“My Brother Was Upset Because His Car’s “Docking Station” For His iPhone Wasn’t Working And It Was Scratching His Screen”

“My Brother Asked, “Since When Is There A Christmas Squid?””

Kim Kardashian Playing Poker With Mirrored Sunglasses

“Just Saw This Shared On Facebook. When I Asked The Girl Who Shared It, She Actually Believed It. She Is 21.”

“News Does A Report On Missing/Murdered Aboriginal Women And They Use A White Girl At Coachella Wearing A Headdress As The Picture.”

“Exactly Mom, You Guessed It Right”

Uber Wedding

Assuming This Is A Community College Course

“Microwaved This Foil Ball For 3 Minutes And This Is The Result”

Explosion Loading

Yeah, They’re Dumb

“My Manager Taped A Piece Of Paper To A Clipboard”

How Has This Person Survived This Long?

“The Many Bite Marks On This Bowl Of Fake Fruit In The Place I’m Renting”


embarrassing moments couple shirt

“This Fake Hundred Dollar Bill My Coworker Accepted” (Real Bill For Comparison)

Also Known as a Fence

When Your Hair Is More Important Than Your Laptop

“I Trusted You All”

“I Bought The Car Myself”

“My Daughter Used A Plastic Cutting Board For A Pizza Pan”

“She Dropped Her Phone While Running After Stealing From This Store”

embarrassing moments shopifter phone

“I Have No Words For This”


Right! That’s a Mango!

“Modern” Humanity

“Our Teacher Attempting To Cover The Answers To This Question Coming From A Projector”

“They Were Playing My 600 Lb Life At A Burger King”

“I Told My Friend He Might Need A Tire Change, He Told Me It Doesn’t Matter How Much Tread His Tires Have Because His Car Has All Wheel Drive”

How Beautiful

Because Over Cooking An Egg = GMO

“Yup, Let’s Get Those Future Customers As Early As Possible”