Uncanny People Who Dared To Step Out Of Reality

The harsh reality we call life is certainly tough to deal with. But there are uncanny people out there who can challenge the ways of the world. Sometimes, the only way to survive the bitter reality is to escape from it. And that’s exactly what these people do. They don’t even mind looking weird as long as they do things their own way. So what does it take to be like them? Put together a little bit of creativity and a lot of guts. Then you’re good to go on a journey outside the box of reality. We have collected some hilarious photos of uncanny people who have no idea how reality works anymore.



When there’s no chance of a rain shower today, you can just hire this guy for an instant rain.

The milk’s favorite cookie is now the ear’s favorite earring.

If you’re putting your faith on this thing to convince people that they are being monitored, then good luck with that.

Now try eating that in one bite and prepare for an extreme sugar rush.

Yes, we understand your frustration. We know how hard you tried putting those sticky tapes around you just to turn out looking so stupid. We feel you, bro.

And we’re here wishing we also have that much free time to create our own smooth foil ball.

No swimming pool? No problem! Bring out those garbage bins and turn them into outdoor bathtubs. And don’t forget the cocktails.

Strange people who prefer to think outside the box



It’s amazing how people are coming up with many different ways to eat pizza. We might wanna try this one.

The only way to sign up for a membership at the Association of Bread Makers is to present breads as gigantic as these. Of course, I’m just making it up.

Pizza has definitely brought out the creativity in us. But little did we know that noodles can make a tasty crust. (That’s actually a good rhyme!)

Now we know that stalking a wedding a proposal is a creepy thing.

This is how to sneak in the house at 3AM without making any noise. But make sure to eat those sliced breads immediately before your parents find them out.

Are we supposed to be amazed with the well-built body or that arm covered with glittering bling-blings?

Uh-oh… looks like someone didn’t get the idea of how motion sensors work.

Something bad is going to happen here. We’re not referring about the guy in front, he’s fine. We’re talking about the old lady standing at the edge of the pool.