Add A Gothic Touch To Your Home With These Creepy Skull Candle Holders

These Gothic skull candle holders are chaotic perfection as they present a dramatic contrast between darkness and light. For Halloween decorations, realistic skulls are always the top choice and it’s easy to see why people are so fascinated with these. While some of us are still creeped out by these, other people who have seen the beauty in it have arrived at a point where they are comfortable with the idea of death. Of course, this symbolic figure has different meanings to each person. But every Halloween, these bony effigies are commonly used to honor the dead or simply used to add a spooky vibe to the home.

Whether this symbol holds a special meaning to you or you’re just looking for a bone-chilling ornament for Halloween, these Gothic skull candle holders are sure to impress. These resin sculptures feature super realistic replica of human skulls. They are designed to look like they’ve been freshly dug up from the grave. These creepy ornaments are functional as well as they are hand-crafted to hold candles with their open top design.


Gothic Skull Candle Holders

cranium-shaped resin sculpture halloween decor

The Gothic skull candle holders are available in two different styles. The beige-colored one features a round crack on top to hold the candle. And the white-colored one features an open top where the candle can securely sit on. Both styles come in cranium form or skulls without the lower jaw. These are wall-mounted ornaments with good decorative functions. You can easily hang them on the wall or on any vertical surfaces. The white-colored skull also includes a black mounting board.

wall-mounted gothic skull candle holders


gothic skull candle holders

These Gothic skull candle holders are ideal for flameless LED candles. But if you prefer the real flame of wax candles, make sure to place the candle in a jar to collect the melting wax. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to see melted wax dripping down your wall. Each resin sculpture measures 6 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and 2.4 inches deep.

cranium-shaped resin sculpture wall-mounted


gothic skull candle holders wall-mounted

Source: Etsy