There’s An Online ‘Dog Spotting’ Group Where People Share Unexpected Encounters With Dogs – Here’s 30 Of The Best

Dogs are always picture perfect. They look so good on camera that we can’t help but feel jealous of how photogenic they are. The biggest proof of this is the Facebook group Dogspotting. This online community welcomes everyone to share photos of random dogs they’ve met. If you want to join the group, there is one particular restriction. And that is to NOT post photos of dogs that you personally know. In other words, photos of your pets or dogs that you’ve met before are considered ineligible for submission.

The Facebook group provides innumerable photos of adorable random dogs that people met unexpectedly out of nowhere. It currently has over 1.8 million members and the page has been a favorite hangout for dog lovers. If you’re ever in need of cute canine photos then this page is really worth the visit. Plus, the photos are as random as can be. So, if you happen to stumble upon an adorable dog that you haven’t seen before, snap some photos of it and post them on the page.


People Can Share Pics Of Dogs They’ve Randomly Met On The Facebook Group Dogspotting

But, There are certain conditions that you must meet if you intend to join the Dogspotting group and post dog photos. Aside from posting ONLY pics of random dogs, the page would also reject submissions that are taken from places where dogs are expected to be found. These include dog parks, pet shops, vet clinics, groomers and pet shows. Moreover, the page condemns submissions showing dogs in distress. The admins keep encouraging all members to NOT force any random dogs into posing for the camera just to get a perfect shot.


“My Sister Went To Visit Our Grandparents Today And Our Grandfather (Who Unfortunately Has Dementia) Felt Really Sad For The Dogs Who Had To Stay Outside. So He Spent The Day Entertaining Them By Showing Them Various Paintings.”


“I’ve Recently Moved House, I’ll Wake Up And My Nextdoor Neighbors Dog Will Be Sat Outside My Door Waiting For Me, I’ll Open The Door And She Comes And Sits On The Door Mat. Her Name Is Edith And She’s My New Best Friend.”


“My Friend Moved Into A New House And Right Around The Corner Was This Guy! We Saw A Tiny Hole With A Name Above And Figured It Was A Doggy Lookout, So We Called The Name And This Wee Face Popped Up His Owners Had Made A Space In The Fence For Him To Say Hi To People Walking Past.”


Dogspotting Shows How Some Dogs Love The Camera To

We also have to understand that dogs are different. While some doggos would gladly pose for the camera, other random dogs may be intimidated by the sight of it. But these dogs don’t seem to mind getting their pics taken by some strangers. We’ve gathered the cutest photos from the Dogspotting page to show that dogs are the purest and loveliest creatures in the world.


“Found A Big Boy Peeking At Us In The Train!”


So, Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Best Dogspotting Photos


“Proof That There Is Gold At The End Of A Rainbow!”


“Not Sure If They Saw Me”


“I Work At Starbucks And This Happened Today In The Drive Thru. I Got Permission To Take This Photo.”


“His Name Is Connor And He’s Precious.”


“I Think This Is What Is Meant By Puppy Dog Eyes.”


“Was Waiting For A Taxi In Argentina Pre-Covid When A I Heard Sniffling.”


“Yes, Hello! I Would Like To Withdraw All Available Treats!”


You Will Discover Many Cool Breeds Of Dog To


“I Found A Newfoundland In Newfoundland!”


“A Golden Gate Of Good Boys And Girls.”


“Good Morning Ma’am!”


I’m Housesitting For Some Family Friends And They Mention They’re Dogsitting, No Details. Meet Princess, Shes Toothless, Sleeps In An Old Suitcase, And… Yes, Shes Chubby, Look We Just Met. I Can’t Judge.”


“Coworker Left His Baked Pawtato On My Desk”


“Found This Good Boy Peeking Over A Wall Down By The Sea In Scotland…”


“Just Met Ellie Who Likes To Walk Around The City With Her Favourite Micky Mouse Toy (For All The Attention And Pats She Gets). Can Confirm It 110% Worked.”


“Met This 14 Year Old Wolf At The Top A Mountain! His Name Is Shadow.”


It Is So Funny Where Some Dogs Are Found


“Spotted This Cute Corgi In A Backpack! Her Name Is On The Backpack. She Was A Happy Girl.”


“Spotted This Daddy Leading His Hoard Of Puppers To The Yard For Playtime. 15/10 Would Get Smothered In Kisses By These Cute Babies Again.”


“Three Month Old Mini Australian Shep!!!!!!! Look At That Lil Nose!!!!”


“Looked Down Mid-Flight And Found That The Passenger In The Row Behind Us Was Not Practicing Social Distancing.”


“Spotted Little Winnie Falling Asleep In Her Mums Hands!”


“This Absolutely Cute Floof Ball Came In To Work Today.”


“” Just Met This Absolute Beaut And I’m In Love. Say Hello To Mylo!”


“Small Soft Sausage Taking A Break In South London.”


“Spotted Dog At Bar…. Owner Saved Him From Tijuana Mexico Off The Street And He Is The Happiest Dog I’ve Ever Seen Lol Such A Lover!”


“Spotted This Smiling Cutie On The Bus With His Musical Owner!”


“‘Dobby’ Eared Boii Having A Well Deserved Snooze On The Streets Of Rome”


“Okay, so I knew no one would believe me so I took pictures.Our family was camping, when people pulled up beside us with their trailer and truck. After they got situated the lady popped over and seen our 4 dogs. She said she has some dogs with her as well, we asked “oh how many dogs do you have?” Said said “19” and walked away.”


This cute pup looks part dog and part cow with his gorgeous black and white fur.


“Just Met This Girlo In The Park – She Mlem”


Sometimes You Will See Other Unexpected Animals To


“My Mom’s Spot – Huge Doggo With Smol Pony Friend!”


“My Dad Is Doing Flooring At A House And Has An Elderly Gentleman Called Bob Supervising The Works, 16 Years Young.”


“Tried To Photograph This Dog That I Spotted And It Turned Out Pretty Well.”


“Just Met Itty Bitty Phoebe Who Loves Playing With Leaves And Doing Sits Like A Good Girl.”


“This Picture Will Make Your Day So Much Happier I Promise, This Made Mine.”


“My Friend Found A Momma Pup In A Parking Lot A Week Ago. Knew She Was Preggo And Decided To Help Her Out. Little Did He Know She Would Have Fifteen (15) Puppies!!! Holy Cow. Can’t Wait To Cuddle These Babies!”


“Angus, 7 Months Old, Truly Flawless”


“Quite The Surprise To Come Home And Find The Neighbour’s Newfoundland Sat On The Roof! After All The Window Probably Acts Like A Cat Flap For Him!”


“Who Is She?”


“This Airbnb Comes With A Miniature Woolly Mammoth.”


“Spotted This Handsome Doggy! His Name Is Jake….. Never In My Life Did I Think I’d Be Calling A Jake Handsome!”


“Rescued Pittie Sniffing The Neighborhood”


“Angry Boi Protecc Yard”


“Spotted Ms. Finnegan Posing On The Lake, My Cousins Just Bought The Cutest Mini Golden Doodle 10/10 Best Surfing Prodigy”


“Tiny Doggo Making His Superstar Debut Trevi Fountain, Rome”


“I Know This Is Dog Spotting, But I Saw This Duck In Arlington, Va Today And Had To Share.”

So, which photo was your favorite from the Dogspotting group? Let us know in the comments!