Examples Of Double Standards In Our Society

It’s pretty hard to avoid double standards in our society. Unfortunately, many of them exist and what’s even more unfortunate is that many people go along with (and agree with) these inequalities. Thankfully, however, there are still people that want to draw attention to these double standards. On Twitter, #NowThatsADoubleStandard began trending, some of the most common ones are included and then also a few that may not have crossed your mind before. Below we have a selection of examples, take a look! 

This is one double standard that we really cannot stand! 

Where is the logic in this?

Can you imagine a similar article based on two male politicians?

Yeah. This happens far too often… 

Basically… ‘be yourself but only if that means following society’s version of perfect’.

We wonder how many voters didn’t know about this?

Women are encouraged to dream big, just not too big. 

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The word that springs to mind is ‘shallow’.

Crying is natural for everyone. The end.

If only all grey hair was embraced! 

Unfortunately, we don’t see this mentality changing any time soon. 

Fat shaming, skinny shaming, why can’t we all just mind our own business? You don’t always know a person’s situation. 

All terrorists are evil.

This person makes a very good point.