This Is “Smoothie” – Known For Her Photogenic Looks. She Never Has A Bad Photo

Get ready to fall in love with Smoothie the Cat, the most photogenic cat in the world. Cute animals are taking over social media and it’s not that difficult to see why. There’s something about these so-called ‘petfluencers’ that makes us forget about our worries, even just for a moment. Is it their cuteness or their fluffiness or their sweet smile? Or is it their friendly demeanor or grumpiness? Who knows? What we know is that these lovely animals on Instagram is the cutest stress relievers ever.

Jiffpom the Pomeranian is currently the most popular animal on Instagram with having almost 10 million followers as of this writing. Coming behind this fluffy pup is another doggo named Doug the Pug with almost 4 million followers. You may think canines have the ‘Instagram supremacy’ in the bag, beating their feline rivals in the competition. Well, numbers don’t lie. But this doesn’t mean that the competition is over. Sure, Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub are still in the popularity game with their 2.5 million followers apiece. But they better look out at Smoothie the Cat, the fast-rising furry feline that could give these popular petfluencers a good run for their money.


Smoothie The Cat


Smoothie the Cat has been winning the hearts of many people ever since her owner created an Instagram page dedicated to her. The 6-pound British Longhair mesmerized the internet world with her majestic fluffy fur and her big emerald-green eyes. Her fabulous fluff made her an internet star in an instant and was given the title ‘world’s most photogenic cat.’ Without a doubt, this gorgeous fluffball from the Netherlands is the kitten of our dreams.

Her owner, Arvid van Boekel, gave her the name ‘Smoothie’ because it perfectly describes the fluffy cat. Just like smoothies, the majestic kitten is also sweet and quite smooth. She currently has 2.2 million followers but it’s only a matter of time before she catches up to the top spot. Smoothie the Cat sure looks charming and cuddly. But how is she as a pet?

“She’s a queen but a very sweet one,” her owner said. “She doesn’t always like to be held but sometimes she asks for cuddles.”

Take a look at the world’s most photogenic cat

Source: Instagram page